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Sep 22, 2015 2:00 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015


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Our Mission:The mission is to climb Mt. Adams with C5/6 quadriplegia. My team and I want to inspire people all over the world to believe in themselves regardless of their “disability” and to show them that the power of the human spirit resides within all of us. With your support we can achieve the seemingly impossible. Our goal is to raise fifteen thousand dollars for the climb. Any contributions that you can make will have a huge impact on our mission. Together we can help to change the perception of what it means to be “disabled”.

My name is Simon Calcavecchia. In 2002, I went to pursue the opportunity of a lifetime. I followed my passion for rugby to Sydney, Australia. I was nineteen at the time and living the dream. My plan was to live and play rugby in Australia for a year. During our third game of the season my head collided with my opponents shoulder. I was immediately paralyzed from the chest down after the collision. This C5/6 spinal cord injury prevents movement in my legs, toes, lower back, and fingers. My arms have limited function thanks to active bicep and deltoid muscles.

Thirteen years later I find myself seeking out a new physical challenge. It all started with a little inspiration from YouTube. I realized that even though I only have use of twenty percent of my body I can still make improvements to my physical strength. I started working out to get in shape. Now I play wheelchair rugby, something that has been life changing for me as well. All these things have lead to the greatest challenge I have ever faced. In 2016, I will attempt to climb Mt. Adams under my own strength. My mentor for the whole operation is Pete Rieke. Pete was the first person to climb a mountain with paralysis, after ten days of climbing he reached summit of Mt. Rainier. Pete will be designing and building the snow pod I use for the climb. I am also building a strong team of experienced climbers to help me reach the top. I will be the first person with my level of injury to attempt climbing a mountain over ten thousand feet.




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