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Archived: Philanthropy Through Children’s Fashion

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After watching presenter and campaigner Sophie Morgan’s recent BBC documentary on disability in Ghana… – Loulou Bontemps, owner and designer for la pitchoune decided to take a new direction in growing her up and coming luxury brand.

Through this campaign we will build a concept that will expand our brand and allow us to donate 20% of our profits to independent charities around the world – philanthropy through children’s fashion.

20% of our goal will be donated to The Orthopaedic Centre run by Sister Elizabeth Newman and the Physically Challenged Action Foundation run by Mr Barima. Funds will help Mr Barima & Sister Newman look after those they already support and open their doors to more children in need around Ghana.

la pitchoune is a luxury childrenswear label selling dresses for girls. After their first year selling online they have developed an audience around the globe and received great press in Vogue Bambini, British Vogue, CWB, The Guardian and more.

we are at the cusp of expanding to retailers in the United States and the UK, I want to seize this opportunity and give back to where my inspiration in fashion came from, my childhood.’ Loulou bontemps

But this is only the beginning; we want to raise funds via the sales of our dresses to support children in as many places as we can reach.

Here is a touching example of the purpose behind our goals… Below is Blessing, a 3 year old girl ‘disposed of due to the spiritual sickness that was believed to have caused her disability. For many others there is almost no access to equipment, education, transport, healthcare or work. As a result, many live in abject poverty. The stigma attached to disabled people and their families has shocking consequences, including confinement and torture. There are also unconfirmed reports that sacrifices of disabled children take place, conducted by so-called ‘fetish priests’, written by presenter and campaigner Sophie Morgan.


With the profits made throughout the growth of our collection and brand, we would help many more just like Blessing at the OTC and support Mr Barima in building his centre to give disabled children, young adults and adults suffering from a form of disability a better chance at life.

If we don’t reach our entire goal, the funds we do receive will be sent directly to the OTC, Mr Barima’s centre for disabled children and other independent charities we are currently building relationships with.

If you can’t contribute that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Please share our campaign via your social channels. You may have some expertise or advice in order to help us achieve our goals and reach as many people in business and in need around the world.

Thank you for sharing, contributing and taking the time and patience to read about our project! We appreciate all your support!

No amount too big or too small! #createandgive



Please follow this link for the #createandgive campaign

Should you want to see Sophie Morgan’s full BBC documentary please go to

Contact Information:

For more information regarding la pitchoune and the campaign please contact Loulou Bontemps 00 44 (0) 20 8450 4908

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