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Sep 22, 2015 8:26 AM ET

Archived: LMI-Vet, LLC: the veterinary subsidiary of Lifeblood Medical, Inc

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015


Company Overview: LMI-Vet:
LMI-Vet is the veterinary subsidiary of Lifeblood Medical, Inc. LMI-Vet is positioned to enter the stable, growing, multi-billion dollar veterinary market with a new, break-through critical care product, which satisfies a major market gap for companion animals.

Market Need
Like human medicine, the need for a non-toxic Fluid Replacement for dehydration and severe bleeding is considered the holy grail for emergency medicine. Previously, Oxyglobin®, a bovine hemoglobin product, confirmed the need for a veterinary blood substitute, which product is no longer available in the US. Currently, US veterinarians must resort to blood products to satisfy their fluid replacement needs, which have limited shelf life, supply issues, cross-matching requirements, and other market factors, which maintain a need for Dexsome 510 which enhances tissue oxygenation, electrolyte balance,and supplies nutrients. Certain hetastarch products are under scrutiny in the US and banned in Europe, which may create additional demand for dextran based IV solutions.

LMI-Vet Solution
DEXSOME 510 is a new, dextran-based crystalloid, colloid intravenous solution which proposes to become the gold standard for replacement fluids. LMI-Vet Solution will be sold as a replacement fluid, without drug claims, applied to the product.

The current competition is threefold, being existing replacement fluids, blood products (whole blood, packed red cells), and Oxyglobin®, which has a controlled reintroduction in Europe, with a pending re-introduction into the US market by 2015. The key differentiators for LMI-Vet Solution will be easier handling, universal use, reduced cost, and superior safety profile. The differentiating features of LMI-Vet will be established using emerging marketing tactics.


Products / Services

Dexsome 510

Dexsome 510 is a Fluid Replacement for companion animals (cats-dogs) that upon dehydration acts a blood volume expander, enhances tissue oxygenation, electrolyte balance, and nutrient supplements. Shock and trauma conditions for Dexsome 510 is now cleared by CVM/FDA for commercialization.

The formulation can be adapted to preserve embryo and sperm for 72 hours thereby increasing the IVF of all animals that are presently creating food shortages as in the cow and swine industries. In addition simplifying the equine and show dog animals fertilization process and making it less expensive and time consuming .

The formulation can preserve tissue and biopsy in the veterinary pathology market in companion, farm, equine animals to determine the enzyme level to diagnose disease conditions faster and more accurately.

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