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Sep 22, 2015 6:45 AM ET

Archived: How to promote your story via a newswire company

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

Posting your crowdfunding project to a platform is never enough. In order to be featured on them or even get funded, you have to market it yourself. You don’t need to attract backers only. You need social media exposure and press attention.

Here comes the work of a newswire company, like iCrowdNewsWire. PR is about media attention. But in the ever changing world of internet, newswire companies have grown smarter and more effective in the way they distribute your press releases.

Newswire companies nowadays are not only machines that throw press releases in bulk to journalists. They also involve many prominent social media personalities, increasing the odds of having your project properly promoted.

In addition, many of them polished their editorial guidelines in order to make your press release more effective and filter out bad press releases. This is not done to hurt the customer as it means less money for the newswire company actually. Instead, that is a measure to protect the channel, to keep stories interesting so they can attract attention.

It is very important that you write interesting stories. Journalists, bloggers and other social media celebrities receive hundreds of stories on a daily basis. They can be picky about what they are going to publish or not. So throwing a sales pitch to them is certainly a surefire way of being ignored. You have to be interesting.

Be credible and interesting

In order to attract attention, you need to be credible and interesting. Your text should focus on the content, a story. It should not be a blatant sales pitch. You need to attract attention.

Also, you must be credible. You must show your credentials. You must state what you have done before, what is your academic background, what you have achieved, why you should be trusted. It’s about you, not your project.

Using images and citations is important. Many journalists don’t read a press release if there is no image attached. If you have a video, so much better. And use citations. Use phrases that you would coin. Many journalists consider that a work done for them. They are more willingly to pick your story if it will sound like an interview.

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