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Sep 21, 2015 6:30 PM ET

Archived: GYPSI TV SERIES: a desire to have a story that we all longed to see

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 21, 2015



The idea behind Gypsi came from a desire to have a story that we all longed to see. While it does have adult themes and dark overtones, Gypsi is a show that harkens back to the golden days of watching TV with your family and enjoying a show that almost all ages can appreciate. Gratuitous violence and nudity are being replaced with story and innuendo, rather than in-your-face exposure and careful consideration has gone into the overall story of the show so that viewers can follow from both the beginning and pick it up later and still understand what is happening.

We wanted to make a show that had all of the major elements of a great dramatic horror story, but also had elements of humor to break the ever-growing tension of the overall theme. Because the series is, primarily, set in a relatively small town that is hidden from the rest of the world, we are able to dive into deep character storylines and broad connecting arcs which allows for a more organic and natural feeling world.

Gypsi is a television drama series that offers multiple meanings and storylines. It is an entirely unique and new storyline, not based on any existing books or previously aired publications, written by Angel and Mysti Cozart, which explores the rich cultural mythology of southern voodoo in Lisette, a fictional town in southern Louisiana that has been hidden from the world through all phases of mankind’s cultural and technological evolution. The series centers on the adventures of Gypsi LaSalle, a carefree nomad who begins to feel a draw to bring her home, to a place she’s never been before.

The grand theme here is nothing less than you can’t ever go home: It is a supernatural drama set amid the dysfunction and in-fighting of a hidden society of otherworldly beings, one that has failed to come to terms with the ever changing nature of the world and society, one in which the politics of a small town are muddied with voodoo, ancient beings and dark overtones, which threaten not only the denizens of the hidden town of Lisette, but ultimately the world itself.

Structurally, each season of Gypsi – be it five or twelve – exists as a stand-alone journey. Some characters may progress to the following season for continuity, while others will have their storyline resolved in a single season (a design that allows for greater latitude in casting). Each story arc will provide episodes that stand alone as dramatic television, but at the same time the whole must make a cogent argument about human condition, using the mythology and magic behind deep-rooted folklore.

Each story arc ultimately gravitates toward one common feature, an outcast girl lost in a world that is both larger than she ever imagined and also so small and contained that her nomadic nature will be stuck in a struggle of claustrophobia and manifest-destiny to uncover her role in the events that will unfold. A delicate alliance exists in the town of Lisette between the familial houses that make up the majority of political power, where knowledge and secrets can be more devastating than the magic and supernatural powers that they possess. Ultimately, the balance of power will be shattered when the source of the calling, which is bringing all wayward relatives of the city home, is revealed and it will be up to those who survive the initial storm to stand against the forces that jeopardize both their own hidden town, and the world it resides in.



Gypsi LaSalle is an Adventurous free spirited witch who lives the life of a gypsy among the mortals. She is on the precipice of discovering that there is more to who she really is. Her journey will reveal how important she will become to the unknown, mysterious, mystical town of Lisette. As Gypsi’s power begins to increase, so does the intensity of her dreams. A reoccurring cry for help from across centuries leads her back to a home and a town that she has no memory of. She will uncover that family ties can be more binding than the blood that flows through her veins.


Gypsi has already earned the interest of both network television and Video On Demand (VOD) platforms. The primary reason for crowdfunding this pilot episode is to have the project ready and viewable to these networks so that the show can be picked up and take off from there.

Our goal is to reach the January pickup timetable for these networks for 2016 and to get the greenlight to keep producing this amazing content.

Contact Information:

Justin Kincaid

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