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Sep 18, 2015 3:11 PM ET

VALLA: Valla Evans arrives at Good Hope Mental Institution for a consult on a dangerous patient

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2015



For years I have been fascinated with the idea that the mentally ill were somehow more, than modern medicine could explain. This idea began to take shape while I watched a dear friend battle with mental illness.  Trying to understand what he was going through I begin researching. We would talk for hours about how his disease made him feel like something outside of himself influenced his thoughts and actions. As a way to take his mind off what was going on we would try to associate his feelings with supernatural creatures, events, and or science fiction elements. It was then that something clicked and I realized this was a story that I needed to tell.









Valla arrives at Good Hope Mental Institution. Screams and Moans ring out as she is escorted to the residential wing. Nurses and orderlies lie scattered about. A thin, dirty Trudy makes eye contact with Valla and rushes at her, ready to attack. Valla lifts her hand and Trudy collapses.


While dealing with her own demons, Valla works to cure Trudy.




Once the film is complete, we will submit to film festivals such as Slamdance, SXSW, and Love Your Shorts among others.


VALLA is the the first peice in our franchise of stories of Valla & Good Hope Institution. We have plans to shoot and distribute a feature, a show and companion series.



We will develop a release plan to maximize viewership for VALLA. This release would likely take place 6-10 months after the festival premiere. We will work with both domestic and foreign sales agents to sell  to receive revenue from all markets. Before the release, we will continue to play festivals garnering reviews, and raising awareness.


In the event we do not have a distributor on board from festival and market screenings, six months after the film is complete, we will begin self-distribution. Via VOD platforms, and TUGG, we will put the film in wide release for streaming and download so it is readily available.


Through our film’s website, we hope to increase our Facebook and Twitter followers.


Contact Information:

Melissa Butler

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