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Sep 18, 2015 6:46 AM ET

Symbiant Power Mobile Renewable PowerStation: to provide clean renewable energy via solar and battery technology to open air events throughout the UK

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 18, 2015

Symbiant Power Mobile Renewable PowerStaion

Symbiant Power Mobile Renewable PowerStaion.


More about the project 

We are looking for investment to help create an exciting new educational opportunity whilst also providing an excellent example of how we can now start to move away from fossil fuel dependence, Symbiant Power believes it can provide up to 40000 amp hours (AH) of clean renewable power directly from a large goods vehicle using photovoltaic solar panels and specialist deep cycle batteries

A huge amount battery storage coupled with a 20KW inverter with high potential spike ability would comfortably be sufficient to provide power for a small stage and Lighting for the surrounding area at any UK event.

Electricity is an essential part of Infrastructure for any open air music event and a valuable resource we have come to expect easy access to at any time. Reliable, safe, eco-friendly electricity shouldn’t be a complicated matter using a lorry based system it’s a simple matter of driving onsite and plugging in.


Providing power to the events market is big business and as people become increasingly concerned by the environmental impact of their choices events are now going over to noisy Biodiesel generators in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprints but there are much more environmentally friendly ways to achieve this.

At Symbiant Event we have many contacts that are creating festivals and a great deal of experience working in this sector and believe this system on a reliable clean modern lorry would quickly pay for itself whilst providing a fantastic service and educating the public.

As a society it is time to consider the cost of our actions, Destructive processes like Hydraulic fracturing, coal gasification and arctic drilling represent incredibly poor investments for our collective futures, and I believe this example would really show the maximum amount of people that renewable technology really does work and is incredibly efficient and able to fulfil any demand.

This represents a completely new project and the Gathered investment will be spent largely on the lorry and the equipment needed to construct this stand-alone power supply although this represents a large investment the system should be able to achieve £1500 – £2000 every weekend during the summer this represents 20-30 weekends easily covering the cost to build during the first operational year.

This would not be my first project providing for the events sector I already own and run a small for hire art and seating company that has been very successful this summer, please see here examples of my previous work –

If you are interested in tracking the development of Symbiant Event’s new truck please follow

Please donate, share and talk about this exciting new idea that can potentially replace diesel generators, reduce costs and prove we can make the world a more pleasant place.

Many thanks, Luke.

Contact Information:

Luke Robert Sherwood

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