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Sep 17, 2015 12:30 PM ET

Archived: Pajama Monsters – Helping kids to not be afraid of the dark

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015

Pajama Monsters – Helping kids to not be afraid of the dark


The boogey man isn’t so scary,

when your best friend is a monster

Dear friends and family,

At one time or another, kids go through a phase when they’re afraid of monsters hiding in their bedrooms when the lights go off. So we created Pajama Monsters to help kids (and their parents) get a better night’s sleep.

Pajama Monsters are friendly Jr. monsters who stay awake while kids sleep to watch over them all night long. What better protection than to have your own monster friend! Combined with the bedtime story book, If Your Monster Wears Pajamas…, our snuggly heroes take kids on an imaginary adventure to make sure their bedrooms are safe and sound.

Pajama Monsters help:

• Empower kids to overcome fear of the dark

• Stimulate cognitive development through reading and creative play

Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PajamaMonstersPage

Check out the website: www.PajamaMonsters.com

Created by parents for parents

Megan and Hank Champion wrote and illustrated the first book and designed the plush. The reactions from other parents and little ones has been very positive!

Your support will help create the second Pajama Monsters book, to promote the Pajama Monsters to get greater book distribution, an animated series and even pajamas, bedding, games and more. Please help us make bedrooms safe and snuggly for all by signing up today to get notified when Pajama Monsters goes live!

Search For The Missing Moon!

About The Head Monsters:

Megan Champion has always loved to write, investigate and tell stories. She’s also a busy mom and writer whose contributed to various print and digital publications as well as courseware development too.

Hank Champion has been drawing cute, strange and funny characters as long as he can remember. He always wanted to create a children’s book, but never had any ideas until having a child in his life. Since then, the ideas haven’t stopped.

Risk & Challenges

As with many big projects, there may be unforeseen delays in mailing that I am hoping to prevent, but otherwise I expect everything to go smoothly. We’ll be sure to update our backers and community if there are any complications to provide transparency during our drive.

Website: www.pajamamonsters.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PajamaMonstersPage?fref=ts
Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/pajamamonsters

Contact Information:

Hank & Megan Champion

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