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Sep 17, 2015 9:03 AM ET

Archived: Kaffebruket andelsrosteri: Roast your own coffee!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 17, 2015

Kaffebruket andelsrosteri

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Roast your own coffee!

We look for coffee lovers who will buy coffee subscriptions to support the start-up of a coffee roastery. Become roast master for a day — exclusively to crowdfunders!

We want to start a coffee roastery!

After more than 15 years in the trade, it is about time! But of course we need to do some investments and unfortunately do not have the funds needed. We are seeking funding through crowdfunding to buy a coffee roaster and necessary equipment. Today, we roast coffee at a local micro coffee roastery but want to roast ourselves! With our experience in coffee, we know what we want coffee to taste like and have a wide network in the industry. We operate a café and restaurant and know the demands of coffee from the end consumer.

Who are we

Today Kaffebruket has two ventures – Arabusta Café Sergel with B&B at Lindshammar glass works in the Kingdom of Crystal and Arabusta Coffee & Chocolate Studio in Värnamo where we among other things make pralines and hosting coffee and chocolate tastings. We also catering coffee for events and exhibitions, even full espresso bars.

Arabusta Café Sergel is listed by White Guide Café restaurant guide (27/40 points)

Arabusta® is a registered trademark of Arabusta AB (Ltd), but may be used by Kaffebruket HB. The company will own and operate the roasting facilities with machinery. The entrepreneurs in Kaffebruket have in different ways worked with coffee for just over 15 years, both in Sweden and abroad. Roasting coffee is the next natural step for the company.

What we have done:

  • 2004 Arabusta starts as in and old general store, Skillingaryd
  • 2005-2011 Arabusta café established in Värnamo. It was recognized as one of only two cafes in Småland Halland- Blekinge Östergötland in ’Sweden’s Best Tables’ 2010 and 2011
  • 2009 Arabusta Café Sergel with B&B starts
  • 2010 Arranges regional Barista Cup
  • 2011 Technical judge in Barista Cup – regionals, semi and final.
  • 2013 Technical judge at Barista Cup regionals.
  • 2013 Arabusta Café Sergel listed by White Guide as a seasonal café
  • 2014 Arabusta Coffee- & Chocolate Studio starts in Värnamo.
  • 2015 Arabusta Café Sergel listed by White Guide
  • 2015-2016 Roastery start-up

Start roasting

We have been offered a used gas-driven coffee roaster. It is only a few years old and is complete with temperature control, chimney and other accessories. More equipment is needed, for example scales, bag welder, mills, etc. Total required funds is about €9,000 for machinery. We already have espresso machines, drip brewer and furniture for coffee lab and tasting room.

The coffee turnover of Kaffebruket is more than a half ton of coffee per year at the moment. Producing this in-house will give basic production the roastery. Several restaurants and prospective distributors in the region are contacted, and the interest is high. More retailers will be approached and we will also roast private label coffee.

Today we are established in Värnamo, Småland in southern Sweden, thus the roastery is planned somewhere around here. Logistics-wise, the area is well situated as motorway E4 and road 27 intersects in Värnamo, it is simply easy to get here! At the moment we have not found suitable premises, but the hunt is on. There will be some not entirely pleasant smells from a roastery, because of this he site should be on an industrial estate or equivalent.


The plan is to get started in 2015, or at the latest, spring of 2016. If we do not reach full funding through crowdfunding, we will try to solve financing in the conventional way with the addition of the crowdfunding.

The coffee market

The interest for a better coffee is big in Sweden, we are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world drinking about 9 kg of coffee per capita. Speciality Coffee takes market shares from the conventional coffee. More and more coffee drinkers are interested in what is actually in the cup and awareness of ecology and fair trade is higher than it has ever been.

What rewards do we offer for our backers?

Foremost you will be involved in Sweden’s freshest roastery! The more people who are interested, the merrier, we’d love to share our passion for coffee! A stake in Kaffebruket andelsrosteri can give you fresh roasted coffee in the mailbox 6 to 12 times a year, plus an extra round of Christmas coffee, you can choose whether you want whole beans or ground coffee.

The money invested is in effect an advance on coffee subscriptions and possibly also events in the roastery. VAT will be specified when crowfunded funds are released to us. It is not shares in the company being offered.

The roastery will have at least five days during the year that are open to crowdfunding backers. During these days you can try to toast, coffee talk, drink coffee, try coffee and more. Feel free to bring a friend or family, we offer a snack and refreshments. If you want you can bring your coffee ration directly from the roastery instead of having it sent by mail.

For those who support with the largest package we’ll host an exclusive full day at the roastery. You decide what to do – customer meeting, kickoff, staff party, a day out with friends – everything is possible!

What fill the crowdfunded money be used for?

Funds, or if you prefer, advance payments for subscriptions, is not the same as the need for investment. After the green coffee and other costs are paid the remainder is the funding. Roughly we need to be raise approx. €20,000 to get the €9,000 needed for machinery and initial green coffee. This corresponds to 60–75 packets SMALL and MEDIUM as well as 5 of the CORPORATE packages.

Are there any guarantees?

To put it simply – no. But the funds raised will be set aside into special account when local VAT has been deducted and paid to fullfill our commitment to you. Kaffebruket is operated as a partnership (swedish ’handelsbolag’), which means that the partners are fully and jointly liable for the company’s affairs.


The roastery will be called ”Kaffebruket andelsrosteri” [EN Coffee works share-mill]. Kaffebruket is since start our company name and we think that fits well on a roastery. Our own coffee will be sold under the brand Arabusta®.

Speciality Coffee

We only work with “Speciality coffee”. Simply explained this mean coffee of good quality where you know the origin and it is traceable, it is quite often organic and fair traded. The roastery will mainly use organic beans. The goal is that production should be certified organic.

Suppliers of raw coffee beans

Over the years we have built up a network of contacts in the coffee industry. Major suppliers of green coffee are for example situated all over Europe, we’ve established contact and made visits. In Sweden there are several importers of coffee where you can buy lots of appropriate size.

Roasters in Sweden

For a long time there were just the really big roasters. As late as 2014, Johan & Nyström, in Tullinge started as the first smaller roaster in 50 years. Today there are some 20 small roasters of varying size. Kaffebruket will be one of the smallest in terms of volume.


You have a unique opportunity to involve yourself in coffee roasting, you decide to what extent. You’ll get fresh roasted coffee sent home at almost the regular store prices (apart from the distribution). Our thanks to you who support the project is to open up the business and to invite to roasting days.

Contact Information:

Jonny Lindroos

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