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Sep 16, 2015 9:49 AM ET

Archived: BATBAND: Sleek Ear-Free Headphones

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 16, 2015

BATBAND™ is an elegant piece of sound technology allowing you to listen to your private soundscape as well as the world that surrounds you. Human-centered design meets technology delivering a high fidelity acoustic experience via an innovative bone conduction system.

BATBAND™ works via bone conduction, consisting of transducers that emit sound waves perceived by your “private” inner ear, thus freeing your “social” outer ear. Sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull. Your ears remain free, therefore you get to hear twice as much, without compromising on comfort, quality or style.

3 transducers emitting sound waves are incorporated in the product: two touching the sides of your head (temporal bone) and one at the back of your head (occipital bone). Furthermore, its discreet use means that any vocal content you receive is nearly inaudible to outsiders.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Simply place BATBAND™ around the back of your head, pair it to a mobile device through Bluetooth, control its features using the touch sensors and you are set to listen to your favourite tunes, or discreetly make and take calls.

BATBAND™ is incredibly comfortable as it has been conceived for daily use and fits your busy lifestyle: at work, in transit, with friends, whilst gaming, working out and all of these whilst keeping your ears free.  

Its outer frame is made of spring steel ensuring a good grip around the back of your head and the inner padded lining guarantees maximum comfort and minimum sound leakage. BATBAND™ is easily rechargeable via USB port and requires no software or update, so all you need to worry about is having your favourite playlists to hand.

Two integrated touch sensors allow you to control its main features from your fingertips through a series of intuitive gestures.

 miniatura de video del proyecto


BATBAND™ has been conceived with you and your on the go lifestyle in mind. 

Unlike other bone conduction headphones, the main benefits provided by BATBAND™ result from its high fidelity sound conduction, its incorporated microphone, and its sleek and intelligent design coupled with its qualitative finishings.

 miniatura de video del proyecto


Two years ago Key and Ali, inspired by bats, dolphins and other sonar hearing creatures, met in our London studio and started dreaming of a magical way of listening to music, a new way in which one could hear and listen to the real world. Oli, from our Lausanne studio, brought a set of cables, an amplifier, a few high frequency sound transducers…and a fascinating noisy ideas meeting started! 

Our friends Andy and John, from the electronic engineering research lab in Bangor University UK, got excited by our dream and together we pushed the technology further and some truly surprising sound experiences came about. 

A few months later we invited Ian and Martin, from London-based Postler Ferguson, to collaborate with us on the design of this product. Working together from concept to selecting finishings has been a extraordinarily fun and rewarding process.

Early 2015 we travelled to China to perfect prototypes, discuss manufacturing and plan production rollout. Our Studio Banana Things dream team, as always, have supported the project on all levels making this exciting journey possible. 

During the campaign we will share with our backers some incredibly exciting stretch goals currently in discussion. So come on!! What are you waiting for? Jump on board and let’s take this acoustic dream to reality. #listenwithme


Many in the Kickstarter community may already know about us, Studio Banana Things.  We are a passionate group of designers, geeks, gentle go-getters, dreamers who love to observe daily life, imagine new worlds and develop fun and functional solutions for people on the go.

We are best known for the Ostrich Pillow family, which has turned heads internationally for the last 3 years; but we are also recognized for other award-winning designs which have been exhibited in prestigious establishments such as the Museum of Modern Art New York. 

For this adventure we have invited our friends from London based design studio Postler Ferguson and Innovation Quarter from Bangor University to collaborate with us and make BATBAND™ possible together. 

Kickstarter, with its smart and active community of backers, is the perfect platform for us to explore our latest dreams, whilst helping busy people across the globe. We are keen to listen and learn from you during this campaign and need you every step of the way.


After 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns we know what it takes to bring a great product to your doorstep. We are super excited to welcome you to our Studio Banana Things Backers Family.

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