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Sep 15, 2015 6:26 PM ET

Archived: We’re Making History… Be Part Of It!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2015

We’re Making History… Be Part Of It!

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Imagine generations to come connecting with their ancestors’ legacy, right in the palm of their hand, just by scanning the QRCode with a smartphone or tablet…

The idea for History-to-Share came from a desire to be able to share the life story and history of everyone, because everyone’s life has an importance to someone.

We provide the means to celebrate the life and times of every individual, to share their history and acknowledge their life and their achievements. Without History-to-Share we might never know of the goodwill, community service and all round humanity of the person whose gravestone or monument we are looking at.

Even though History-to-Share.com was founded in 2015, the vision has long been in the making.

With the passing of my mother, I realized that it was time to make my vision a reality.

I have wonderful memories of my mother and she was an amazing women; being able to share her life story to others is one of the greatest gifts I could give her and myself.

So after a discussion of my vision and a technology suggestion from my son, Mark; there came the birth of History-to-Share.com.

A simple and revolutionary way where family and friends can share the story of their passed love ones, right at the grave or memorial site.

This is what History-to-Share.com vision is about.

Have you ever found yourself, while visiting a cemetery or memorial wall, wondering the history of those passed.

They must have some significant history… A good story to tell!

Ceramic Outdoor Memorial Plaques really personalized a memorial or grave site, but how great would it be to read their story… their legacy… their “DASH”?

Make Your Memories into Treasures…

That Will Last FOREVER…


Our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques

are works of art that contain a portrait of your loved one plus a QR code, which when scanned with a smartphone or tablet will display their life story, right there… at that moment… right in your hand.

Our ceramic outdoor memorial plaques are made through modern digital printing with special ceramic toner and inks by firing the image onto porcelain at extremely high temperature in a kiln.

They are guaranteed against fading, discoloring, and will not turn milky white or yellow. And, are made to endure all weather conditions, whether mounted on a headstone, mausoleum, wall, statue, or other flat surfaces.

Our product will be available for shipment world-wide.

Go ahead and try it yourself… Scan the QRCode below!


This product is not limited to family and family members, grave sites and headstones.

It has a much wider application within the community, especially on or around monuments
and statues, memorials etc, where the history and achievements of those so honored can be revealed.

Every synagogue, temple, sanctuary, school and hospital nursing home, corporation, non-profit organization, sports tournaments, camp, and church has dedications that are represented on donor walls and doors.

Sporting clubs, RSLs, local governments and all Historical Societies can all make use of our unique ceramic outdoor memorial plaques.

History-to-Share is seeking crowdfunding to support the development of this unique product. Because it has appeal to the wider community – in fact to everyone – it should also appeal to all crowdfunders – as the potential is limitless.

Funds are required to enable the purchase of essential equipment such as kilns, a Q-Code generator, computers etc, as well as stock (the ceramic tiles/plaques) and to cover some of the fixed costs associated with the venture.

So far, the essential ordering and manufacturing processes and procedures have been determined, and a web site and Facebook page have been developed; the best places to manufacture have been determined, and extensive research into the production costs and sales prices has been conducted.

The project is now ready to roll-out and production can begin almost immediately, even without the full funding commitment being achieved.




History-To-Share.com is committed to awarding scholarships to deserving young
girls and boys in third world countries to enable them to complete their primary education


We believe every person, every animal and every event has contributed a thread to the fabric of our world.

We want that thread… that story… that history… to be told and shared and live on for generations…

“So your story will last forever…”


History-to-Share welcomes and values your contribution and backing. With your assistance, anyone and everyone will be able to share their history and everyone’s story will last forever.

Become a part of something unique, innovative and uplifting, that will bring joy and satisfaction to many, whilst offering offering access to historical information for all to share.

If you cannot donate, you can refer your friends, family and colleagues, and this small gesture is also appreciated

Please help spread the word by “Like” and “Share” us on all your social media sites.

Visit us on our social media sites linked on this page.

Contact Information:

Brian Miller

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