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Sep 15, 2015 8:14 AM ET

Archived: Bracees | Accessories for your Mouth: will come in tiny colorful shapes of letters, numbers, stars, hearts, balls, anything etc

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2015

Bracees | Accessories for your Mouth

What if braces were more than just metal? Personalize your smile so that it’s more you!

I’m a dentist who has practiced in Newark, Ohio for over 15 years. Lately, I have noticed that more and more younger patients, especially pre-teens, are interested in getting braces. I also have noticed that they are interested in getting more colorful rubber bands and trying to come up with ways to use the rubber bands uniquely. With that in mind along with the increasing number of kids with braces, I would like to propose to you an innovative product that I think will attract a large group of pre-teens who are wearing braces.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.06.00 PM

I have come up with “Bracees, accessories for your mouth.” It will make wearing braces much more fun and fashion forward. “Bracees” will come in tiny colorful shapes of letters, numbers, stars, hearts, balls, anything etc. They are made of rubber that will fit perfectly on orthodontic brackets that the braces wearer can put on themselves. A child can pick out matching color “Bracees” to go along with his or her outfit. Think of “Bracees” as fun accessories for braces that let children personalize their smile and choose from many different designs depending on his or her mood, event, or outfit.

Research has shown that there are about 7.5 percent of the total American population is wearing braces. In America, 50 percent of pre-teen and teenagers are in braces or will be in braces. That is 30 million children. With the retail cost of each bracee package at $9.99, I feel there’s incredible market potential. With those facts in mind, along with the increasing perception of wearing braces for cosmetic purpose, I think “Bracees” could likely catch on and potentially become must-have items for kids (pre-teen/teenagers) in the 21st century.

Bracees will be something that kids (parents) will buy over and over again.

Three advantages of Bracees will be:

  • Lip/cheeks protection
  • Kids (boys and girls) can customize their braces daily
  • Fluoride release to help prevent residual bracket marks.

Risks and challenges

Risks associated with product development:

– Our designs may not be compatible with all forms of braces

– Production delays in manufacturing & development

Risks associated with consumer adoption:

– Normal challenges to early-stage ventures, consumers may not want to draw attention to their braces.

– Lack of product credibility, our accessories have not yet been approved by the ADA or a larger dental organization.


Contact Information:

Dr. Viet Nguyen

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