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Sep 14, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Reinventing Running Through The Technological Forefront

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2015

Rankrunner launches a Kickstarter campaign to reinvent running.



RankRunner is an online platform where rank your position in a worldwide ranking as a runner. Also you can upload your training and official race times and prepare yourself for upcoming races.


They use a complex algorithm – designed by experts – to classify you as a runner. Said algorithm puts the individual ranking of every runner in a range between 1 and 10,000, with 1 being the maximum performance you can achieve. Every runner has a ranking in


RankRunner, depending on their regularity, intensity, and difficulty of their training, as well as their participation and time in official races.


So far, it has launched a platform with the simplest functions, so you can start experimenting. Now Rankrunner wants to become the best partner for any runner. To do this, they have turned to crowfunding platform Kickstarter.


They already offer 6 connectors enabling users to access Rankrunner and sync their performances with Nike, Runtastic, Strava, Dailymile, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, an extensive database of international races, “Groups”, where users create groups to invite their contacts on a run and more.


With their campaign, they are looking to perfect their algorithm to make their rankings even more precise and update their system by adding new connectors.


Also they want to offer different premium profiles (PREMIUM LEVEL I, LEVEL II, LEVEL III), personalized training plans, profile statistics (percentages, personal analysis, data helping users compare themselves to other runners and keep track of their own performances).


Each backer will get a reward, like runner gadgets, Premium Profiles and other benefits . The rewards are equitable to the donation level to develop the project.


What Rankrunner is?


We are a global community of runners encouraging one another to reach our full potential and increase our running Ranks.

The first and multi-platform application, dedicated to building a global community of runners and providing an objective ranking tool for runners of all levels.

Our community is rankcentic. Our users compete through a dynamic ranking based on running performances in official races as well as training. It ́s what differentiates us from competitors.

RankRunner is strategically using both web and mobile technology. Unlike other apps in the sports world, Rank- Runner offers performance enhancement tools and a social component to the global community of runners.

RR is a worldwide classifier for runner base on a dynamic ranking. Each race and new training uploaded by the user is stored and published on user ́s profile. At the same time those data along with other relevant data collected form experts and race information are computed by an algorithm calculating user’s new ranking within global runners’ community.

This way users can know where they stand as a runner and compare themselves to others. Competitiveness and self-improvement are the main motor of users wanting to practice more and accept new challenges in order to improve their ranking.




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