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Archived: New Book Shows The Apollo Missions In A New Dimension

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Apollo: The Panoramas is a new book on KickStarter that shows the Apollo missions to the Moon in a new dimension. Housing over 50 high resolution panoramic images from Apollo 11 to Apollo 17.

The panoramas were constructed from hundreds of seperate photos by Mike Constantine of Space Memorabilia website 

During the six moonlanding missions from 1969 to 1972, the Apollo Astronauts captured dozens of panoramas by standing in one spot, then turning in a 360 degree circle whilst shooting frames with their chest mounted Hasselblad cameras.

Back in the Apollo days the frames would be printed and glued together to form a rough panorama. However using modern digital technology Mike Constantine was able to produce very high resolution seamless assemblies with are breathtakingly beautiful, giving the viewer an astronauts eye view of the lunar surface.

Perhaps the icing on the cake, is that many of the panoramas in this book have exclusive comments and memories from four of the Apollo Astronauts who actually took the photos, Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell, Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt.

No other project in history was so awe inspiring as sending men on a huge rocket at 22,500 MPH away from Earth to a desolate moon where they would explore the lunar surface in 1/6th gravity, with a black sky and blue Earth above.

Apollo: The Panoramas is a great legacy to the Apollo Program giving ordinary people a glimpse into the incredible experience only 12 men got to see firsthand.



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