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Sep 10, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Krad Audio Streaming Service With Powerful Tools, Do Live Mixing, Special Effects, And Playlist Creations, Launch Online Radio Stations With A Few Clicks

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015

     Krad Radio believes that audio  streaming should be delivered with ease, and content creators should be able to use multiple tools to deliver the best audio content to their audiences. Krad Radio provides the integrated tools to make it a reality to deliver high quality audio.We have developed tools such a LIVE Mixer, Special effects Equalizer, multiple playlist creation,  multiple radio station creation, and the ability to record, stream, or uplink your audio.

     Krad Radio recognizes and will make it possible for audio broadcasters to reach their audiences by making use of tools that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The ability to stream audio and be able to do live mixing for example. We are a few programmers, and a hybrid “jack of all trades” that have taken the time to make the right software for all content creators, our chief architect has worked and contributed to the daala project under xiph.org being an expert in video and audio codecs, the Krad Radio team is on a mission  to deliver the best streaming tools to the whole world. Krad Radio’s campaign is important because we are on the last leg to provide something that is valuable for content creators. We want to enable anybody that wants to launch a radio station online, launch an online show for discussions or report any news from anywhere in the world, be that Music DJ online. We can make an impact anywhere on this planet, we want to empower anybody to be a content broadcaster with our tools. Our web based application can make a reality for people with an internet connection to start their radio stations.

     Krad Radio expects to launch the service by November of  this year, currently we are taking sign-ups for invitations at kradradio.com

     The world coud benefit with musical joy, and online radio shows which broadcast academia, beneficial knowledge to a wide spectrum of online communities across the world. Krad Radio is proud to deliver, and will work relentlessly to satisfy the high expectations of our contributors and customers. Our dedication is guided by our contributors, and the community that will ultimately benefit with the Krad Radio audio streaming services.


Contact Information:

Juan Alvarez

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