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Sep 10, 2015 8:33 AM ET

Archived: GoldKey Resources, Inc: A New Paradigm for Natural Resource Investment

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015

GoldKey Resources, Inc

GoldKey Resources, Inc Logo


A New Paradigm for Natural Resource Investment
GoldKey offers a new way to invest in natural resources that mitigates risk and maximizes liquidity while creating opportunities for long-term growth. Many, if not most, junior explorers and miners fail at the precise moment of greatest opportunity—after the discovery of a significant resource. GoldKey acquires or joint ventures with junior mining companies that have already taken the risk of greenfield exploration and identified promising prospects, but may be unable to bring a project to market or into production. GoldKey evaluates these prospects, completes geological work if necessary, analyzes the provenance/validity of mineral licenses and concession agreements, and then prepares properties for sale or trade to mid-tier or major mining companies, or enters into joint venture partnerships.

Old Hands, New Ideas
GoldKey’s geographical area of specialization is Africa, particularly West Africa. West Africa is perhaps the most prospective gold region in the world. GoldKey has an extraordinarily seasoned team of exploration and mining professionals, investment and merchant bankers, fund managers, political and security analysts, and contract negotiators. The GoldKey team has owned, managed, bought and sold mines and mineral properties in Africa, advised private and public companies and sovereign governments. Investors will not pay for anyone’s apprenticeship. The company’s approach is new but its principals are old hands, with insight gained the hard way, over time and in the real world. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a new paradigm for resource development that is practical, timely, in-demand, market-focused, and fiscally conservative.

Products / Services

Precious Metals and Natural Resource Opportunities

GoldKey provides the following services to the Natural Resource market:

• Acquires, reinforces, then sells or trades gold and precious metals properties
• Provides equity, capital raising and financial backing
• Advances exploration, mapping, geochemistry and drilling projects
• Negotiates mineral licenses and concession agreements
• Conducts operational outsourcing
• Manages, organizes, and prepares accounting reports
• Advises on tax planning, reporting and tax filings in-country and off-shore
• Engages in specialist recruiting – in-country and off-shore
• Meets environmental, human resources and social demands

Contact Information:

Richard Freeman

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