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Sep 9, 2015 11:15 AM ET

Archived: BUDDY, the Companion Robot from Blue Frog Robotics, Raises More than $600,000 on Indiegogo; Campaign Exceeds Goal by More than 6X, Powers Through 13 Stretch Goals

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2015

Paris, France – After a whirlwind Indiegogo campaign that reached its $100,000 funding goal in less than a day, BUDDY, the adorable companion robot developed by Blue Frog Robotics, has seen much of the world. Meeting consumers, investors and the media, the BUDDY campaign closed with more than $618,000 raised.


“This is just the beginning” says Rodolphe Hasselvander, CEO and co-founder of Blue Frog Robotics and the inventor of BUDDY. “The successful Indiegogo campaign has validated BUDDY , and that’s exciting news for us and for our many contributors to whom we are so grateful for getting this project off to a fast start. . We learned so much from the recent global tour where BUDDY was met with universal enthusiasm. Now it’s time to take what we learned and continue to evolve BUDDY into a world-class, affordable and useful companion robot.”


Blue Frog Robotics recently opened offices in Boston, Mass., ground central for robotics in the US, and in San Francisco, Calif.


Anyone who missed out on the discount opportunity through the Indiegogo campaign will have an opportunity to purchase BUDDY at the retail price from Blue Frog Robotics in 2016.




Notes to editor:



Platform: Indiegogo

URL: http://igg.me/at/buddy-companion-robot

Amount sought: $100,000

Amount raised (to date): $618,000

Duration: 35 days + 25 additional days due to demand

Press kit link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ap7pimboj69jtne/AAAZi4HftFFuYrHZk5gQxW6pa?dl=0


BUDDY is being developed by Blue Frog Robotics, a French robotics company founded by Rodolphe Hasselvander who is available for interviews.


For press enquires, please contact Michael Raven – michael@blazonpr.com.


Contact Information:

Press enquires: Michael Raven - michael@blazonpr.com

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