Stealth Styled Personalizing Your Ride: Car owners don't like the exposure of rust. Stealth Styled Center Caps cover and protect from everyday elements that produce rust. - iCrowdNewswire

Sep 7, 2015 1:10 PM ET

Stealth Styled Personalizing Your Ride: Car owners don’t like the exposure of rust. Stealth Styled Center Caps cover and protect from everyday elements that produce rust.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015

Car owners don’t like the exposure of rust. Stealth Styled Center Caps cover and protect from everyday elements that produce rust.

About this project

Hello Kickstarter community.

My name is Sokuon Bun, from Brampton, Ontario. I work full-time for a tire retailer/distribution shop as a delivery driver for over 7 years. I’ve seen the need for my product every winter season. I’m very excited to introduce it here on Kickstarter for the very first time. With testing being successful, I am ready to offer my service and product to you. The “Stealth Styled Center Cap” is exclusively being offered to the Kickstarter community, specifically to Ford vehicle owners (Fitment Detail Below). Be among the very few to personalize your vehicle with my service and product.

Stealth Styled Center Cap

Stealth Styled Center Cap

The Stealth Styled Center Cap was designed from a need I was looking for, as I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web or through local dealers. When winter season comes around, car owners change their summer rims and tires over to winter rims and tires. Most owners buy a set of rims and tires, 80% of which are Black Steel Rims, saving money and time on change over each season. Some buy just the tires and have them mounted on the existing rims that were on the car. If they are aluminum rims, you now expose it to winter pot holes and snow bank damage, leaving you with a bad spin for the summer season and costly labour to remount. The Black Steel rims don’t come with any hub covers, leaving your center hub exposed to all the elements winter has to throw at you. You can buy hub caps that cover the whole wheel from the dealership, which can cost $65-$80 each but you would need 4, and that can be costly. Or, you can buy aftermarket universal fit sets from local shops- price range from $45-$70 a set- securing them only by snapping them onto the rims,  leaving them free to fall off if not properly installed, or even pressure can force them to fall off. The Stealth Styled Center Cap is designed to be securely mounted to the center of the rim with our specialty nuts. It is guaranteed to never fall off. Plus, it only covers the center area of the rim and hub, leaving a clean Stealth look. The Stealth Styled Center Cap covers and protects your exposed auto parts from dirt, salt and rust. It also allows owners to further customize their vehicle.

Stealth Mode
Stealth Mode
Styled Mode
Styled Mode

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Installing The Stealth Styled Center Caps is as easy as changing a tire. With all the equipment you need in your emergency spare tire compartment, making sure all proper steps are followed. Or It can also be done at your local auto shop. Watch the Video for a DIY.



Being here on Kickstarter will allow me to test the market for interest in my service and products and also to raise the funds I need to move forward with more fitment option. When pledge is met, I can send in the order for 200 Sets, for the February Reward. Exceeding pledges will go towards the building of new products and services. The next product fitment will be including Honda, Acura, Toyota and more… For list of fitment, please check out my web sites.

Stealth Styled is all about being Stealth and showing Style. And, saving time, money and space.

How will I save you time? I’m offering you a one stop shop for your Wheel needs, which includes choosing the right rim and tire for your vehicle and Season.

How much can I save you? By allowing me to build your Wheel set, you pay what I pay for rims and tires and TPMS( Tire Pressure Monitor System). I’m focused on customizing and personalizing your ride at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Save space by allowing me to take care of your storage of wheels. Stealth Styled Storage service includes, cleaning of rim, balance of wheel for the next season, check for any road hazards that maybe have affected the rims or tire, and storage of your Stealth Styled Center Cap. I will make sure your drive each season is worry free. Service is limited to Kickstarter backers only at the moment … Get ready for the rewards and help me achieve my goal.

At this moment, product and service reward is only offered to owners of Ford Vehicles, models below. The project was made to fit my vehicle, a 2013 Ford Fusion. And it will also fit the following vehicles, with OEM black Steel rims * or some aftermarket rims.

2012-present Ford C-Max

2013-present Ford Escape

2012-present Ford Focus

2013-present Ford Fusion

1988-2002 Lincoln Continental

2001-2006 Lincoln LS

2013-present Lincoln MKZ


Pledge $5 or more

A FOOT IN THE DOOR!! – A very BIG personal Thank You from me! -Name on the founding list on the website. -Be in the loop on the progress of my next project/products. -Stealth Styled Decal

PLEDGE of $70 or more

EXCLUSIVE BUNCH! Available ONLY for Ford Vehicles listed above.

You get: -1 set Stealth Styled Center Cap, your choice of any Colour – 1 Set 20 Stealth Styled Black colour nuts for your wheels  -Stealth Styled decal

Pledge $80 or more

EXCLUSIVE BUNCH! Feburary Reward Available ONLY for Ford Vehicles listed above.

You get: -1 set Stealth Styled Center Cap, your choice of any Colour -1 set 20 Stealth Styled Black colour nuts for your wheels -Stealth Styled Decal Shipping for February 2016, in time for Spring season.

Estimated delivery: Feb 2016 Only ships to: Canada

PLEDGE of $4000 or more


This reward will include all the other reward above, made specifically for your vehicle. We will design a fitment for your choice of vehicle, (American and Asian Manufacture only). You will be a part of the process from every stage. Work with me on the next project and many more in the future. Your chosen vehicle will be our model/test vehicle, being the very first to equip the vehicle with the Stealth Styled Center Cap. We will work closely to customize and personalize your ride. You also get 10x Set of Stealth Styled Center Cap and Nuts for your family and friends vehciles. Plus the full Stealth Styled Service. Be a big part of the Stealth Styled team with this very exclusive reward. This reward will never be offered after this campaign.


Custom Colour
Custom Colour

I offer custom colour rim…

Deadpool custom
Deadpool custom

Also custom logo design..

AutoBot Roll Out
AutoBot Roll Out

Risks and challenges

I have all the contacts I need to start on the next project/SKU. Any delay we might have will be on the manufacturing end and shipping from overseas. I will keep all my backers up to date with all process leading to the end result. No matter how small or big a pledge from each backer, you will be treated as one of the team members. I have been doing this on my own, and I’m very excited to share my progress with all of you and receive any feedback to help me on my journey.

Here’s the steps timeline it took me to completing my first project:

AutoCAD design – 7-9 days

3D Protoype – 7-14 days

Mould manufacturing – 30-40 days

Sample Mould injection part made & shipped – 5-7 days

Shipping of final production parts – 30-45 days by sea.

Any delay in the process or shipping, I will happily notify each and every backer. It has been a one man team, just me on this project, and now I can have the support and backing of the KickStarter community to bring this project of mine into the public eye. I thank each and every one of you in advance.

Contact Information:

Sokuon Bun

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