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Sep 6, 2015 9:30 AM ET

Archived: Foot Flops: Heat moldable flip flops formed to fit your feet: Foot Flops revolutionize footwear with its patent pending custom heat moldable flip flops that form to your feet in 15 minutes or less.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2015

Introducing Foot Flops™ 

Foot Flops™ are the first high-quality, heat-molded, orthotic and arch-supporting flip flops on the market. Foot Flops will provide users with instant comfort without the painful break-in time that comes with regular flip flops.

Sunrise Model -  Heat Molded
Sunrise Model – Heat Molded

We were inspired to create Foot Flops after experiencing all of the advancements made in insole technology. As avid skiers and snowboarders, we saw how comfortable heat-molded inserts are and instantly realized all the benefits they provided for our feet and overall body. We wanted this comfort to be available to you, and not just when you’re on the slopes. This is why we decided to create Foot Flops.

1. No break-in time = super comfortable straight out of the oven.

2.  Superior arch support = less back pain and foot lengthening over time.

3. Higher-end design and fashionable = you look super cool!

Green Fade Grey - Great for any adventure
Green Fade Grey – Great for any adventure

75% of Americans will experience foot problems at one time or another in their lives. Traditional flip flops do not address these issues in any way. Foot Flops are the solution to traditional flip flops!

How to Make Your Very Own Foot Flops: ( See Video )

  • Step 1: Preheat oven to 200 – 250 degrees F depending on desired mold depth.
  • Step 2: Insert  Foot Flops in oven for 5 – 7 minutes directly on middle rack 
  • Step 3: Pull out Foot Flops and step directly into the Foot Flops with your foot as close to center as possible. 
  • Step 4: Ensure Foot Flops are on a hard, even surface during molding 
  • Step 5: Rock your feet back and forth with equal weight for optimal mold 

Within 10-15 minutes they will be cooled down completely. We recommend wearing them for at least 15 minutes after the molding process.  Complete instructions will be included with your package.

Colors and Sizing:

An email will be sent out after our funding campaign is over to collect your color choice(s) and size(s).  A sizing chart will be sent with the email to help you get the exact size for Men’s or Women’s. Check out all of the killer color options below.

Foot Flops Color Options:

Original Kickstarter Green
Original Kickstarter Green
Original Red and Black
Original Red and Black
Original Sunrise
Original Sunrise
Pinstripe Sunrise Fade
Pinstripe Sunrise Fade
Pinstripe Sunrise
Pinstripe Sunrise
Pinstripe - Rasta Flop
Pinstripe – Rasta Flop
Pinstripe Blue to Grey
Pinstripe Blue to Grey
Pinstripe - Blue to White
Pinstripe – Blue to White
Pinstripe - Green to Grey
Pinstripe – Green to Grey
Pinstripe - Green to white
Pinstripe – Green to white
Original Black
Original Black

Leather Foot Flops:

Brown Leather
Brown Leather
Black Leather
Black Leather



Design & Manufacturing

There are many different factors that play a part in the performance of Foot Flops and the key ingredient is our patent pending thermoplastic layer (Thermo-Form™ foam). What we have succeeded in creating is the perfect materials that form completely to your feet with our patent pending HEAT™ technology.

We promise our product will have the same health benefits and comfort that have been used by many aftermarket orthotic insoles, at a fraction of the cost while keeping up with the newest trends in style and fashion.

Foot Flops are approved and recommended by renowned podiatrists, physical therapists and athletes alike. Our number one focus is to deliver a product that will make your life happier, one step at a time.


When do I select my color(s) and size(s)? An email will be sent out after our funding campaign is over to collect your color choice(s) and size(s). A sizing chart will be sent with the email to help you get the exact size for Men’s or Women’s.

Can I pick different sizes and colors in the same order? Yes, for multi-pair rewards you can select different sizes and colors.

Can I order a half size? At this time, there are no half sizes; please round up. 

If left in a hot car or outside, will they melt or need to be reshaped? No. Once molded they hold their shape. The Foot Flops would have to be exposed to temperatures above 250 F to get back to a moldable form. This could only be done in a traditional oven as your vehicle should never reach that temperature. 

How often do Foot Flops need to be remolded? Just once! After their first molding, Foot Flops will hold their shape. Do they lose their shape in water? No. Foot Flops are actually perfect around the water and they float too! 

Can they be reheated to mold to another person’s foot? No. We don’t recommend reheating Foot Flops for another person. They are meant to be heated just one time for one specific person.

Meet the Foot Flops Team

The Team
The Team

Tom Fay Originally from Chicago, Tom Fay has lived in Jackson Hole, WY since 1992. During college years, Tom moved to Charleston, SC to pursue a career in the food and beverage industry and attended Johnson and Wales University. Tom literally lived in flip flops throughout those years frequenting the local beaches in his spare time. He knows the importance of having a comfortable yet supportive pair of sandals for everyday wear. Tom moved back to Jackson Hole and now owns a fun, quick service pizzeria that has been featured on the Food Network’s show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Jamie Mackay A Jackson Hole, Wyoming native, Jamie Mackay grew up accustomed to the Rocky Mountain region and all of the unique qualities and activities it has to offer. With a passion for outdoor life and its beauty, he acquired an eye for Western contemporary design and has traveled the world to learn more about his passion. As a result of his upbringing in a mountain town, Jamie developed a preference for THE best gear and clothing for his lifestyle. Ski orthotics became a must-have for instant comfort in the winter, but he wanted an instantly comfortable pair of flip flops going into summer. With constant scrutiny of the latest fads and releases, Jamie knew there could be a better flip flop with instant comfort, right out of his ski boots. He became passionate about his quest to make the best flip flop ever made.

Wes White Having grown up in the Southeast, Wes White practically lived in flip flops in his hometown of Atlanta, GA. After graduating from the University of Georgia, he moved out to Denver, Colorado to begin his career in finance– and also to take advantage of all the Rockies had to offer. After a job change, Wes moved to Jackson Hole where he met Tom and Jamie with similar passions that began both a personal and professional friendship! Even in the colder climates out in Wyoming, Wes wears flip flops as much as possible, and he was excited to join the Foot Flops team to create the BEST pair ever offered on the market!

Contact Information:

Tom Fay
Jamie Mackay

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