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Sep 6, 2015 10:13 AM ET

Archived: Attractionfirst.com: all new different dating site for the online dating world

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2015


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AttractionFIRST.com all new different dating site for the online dating world. In the online dating world you have to be different coming in to this big market to make it big. AttractionFIRST.com will bring a picture only dating site and scratch the profiles. Most online dating sites offer a picture and profile to their customer. Surveys by AttractionFIRST.com 93% viewed the pictures first. Also, surveys done by research firm Answer Lab show that when it came to viewing 65% more of their time viewing the profile’s photo when assessing a match. People like the ideal that there is something new and different. Look at the iPhone 6. Two weeks after the new iPhone 6 came out, my iPhone 5 got a software update, with the same software that the iPhone 6 had. Other then it being bigger and maybe a little faster, there was no big over the top difference. AttractionFIRST.com will bring that that same marketing to the single people with something new, different and most of all exciting to the online industry.


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Something new, something different ,and something exciting to the online dating world . Attraction first will be the first on line dating site to just offer pictures only instead of pictures and profiles. Bring back love at first sight

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Brad Tyra

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