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Sep 4, 2015 2:27 PM ET

Archived: KNOCEAN – New Skin Beauty AntiOxidants in KNOCEAN Brand Cosmetics

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

Cosmetic product manufacturers making outlandish claims about their products is nothing new.  KNOCEAN Sciences is the first to leverage the power of an incredible scientific discovery to unleash nature’s true anti-aging/beauty enhancing power from Sea-Laden nutrients using a technology totally different from the fermentation, “magic broth” approaches of other cosmetic competitors and their ingredient cocktails of vitamins and other berry/tea products.


You’ve heard the marketing claims they make of quantum antioxidant power in their final products to help the skin, adding a cocktail of other chemicals and/or the exotic berry du jour or teas and chemically processed oils used to sell “upscale” cosmetic products at extremely high prices. 

In fact, these  individual ingredients in competitor product formulas have low net antioxidant properties  or other dermatological/beauty protectors as part of their final consumer product.  They even claim to fight some or all of the key skin damaging processes, namely, elastase, collagenase, and inflammation without supporting evidence.  Of course, cosmetics companies know this, which is why they tend to artificially beef up their other potentially harmful–often toxic-ingredients that are already banned in Europe.  KNOCEAN fills this gap in the need for a responsible upscale, high quality set of cosmetic products, already pre-certified with Trust Marks to increase the comfort level and desire of women customers who will want to experience the new and safe set of beauty enhancing/and jointly skin protecting products at lower cost compared to global competitors with beautiful packaging and with products well over $200 for small bottle sizes.


In fact, it’s up to 1,000 times more effective per gram for antioxidant power than some ingredients that are injected into prestige competing products, with the average being over 100 times. But, to be responsive to the more sophisticated and discerning expectation of of our future female customers, KNOCEAN’s consumer value is more than comparative antioxidant ORAC scores–it will also offer for the first time in any cosmetic product, Trust Mark certifications so the customer will know the reliability and effectiveness of this next generation KNOCEAN product line.  Every product will have its Trust Mark certification for AntiOxidant triggered elastase, collagenase and inflammation inhibition and protection.  This will be a “first” in the global cosmetic industry.   It’s the KNOCEAN brand with the theme of Trust You Can See.

Building from that powerful AntiOxidant Base, using ORAC5.0, the gold standard of lab tests for antioxidant power, KNOCEAN adds simultaneously from this power base, the ability to attack and inhibit the damagine enzymes of elastase, collangenase and inflammation.   KNOCEAN is taking the leadership role in achieving these assurances to its potential customer base.  This isn’t wishful thinking or marketing gimmicks. It’s science.

And for women, it’s a safer, more effective path to beautiful skin.


We discovered the incredible power of kelp oil when we harvested it from the Giant Kelp brown macro algae kelp beds off the coast of California, where KNOCEAN has been awarded that State’s largest and most productive kelp bed lease.

Kelp oil and its resulting technology provides safer, more effective skin care by fighting free radicals, those nasty things that cause disease and damage the skin (if you get sick, chances all your doctor can point to free radicals as the cause).

Five of these free radicals can negatively impact women’s skin, so offsetting their effects is crucial to youthful, radiant skin. And when we put kelp oil’s compounds to the test, it showed significant protection against all five major free radicals.

For you, that means kelp oil:

Kelp oil is so powerful, so safe, and so effective that KNOCEAN Sciences is now the only cosmetic brand in the world to be successfully be certified for the key Trust Mark certifications triggered by its AntiOxidant Power.  It is “Trust You Can See.”

That certification will be clearly marked on our entire line of skincare products:


Below is view of the initial five products for KNOCEAN, an elegant Trusted Brand for the female consumer.  They Include:

KNOCEAN’s Facial Cleanser, KNOCEAN’s Intense Repair Hydra-Firm Night Cream, KNOCEAN’s Anti-Aging Day Defense Cream, KNOCEAN’s Facial Treatment Serum, and KNOCEAN’s Eye Treatment.

To Support its Trust Mark Claims, KNOCEAN completed a third party test of its Night Cream Moisturizer product compared to a world established luxury product in cosmetics, Creme de la Mer Moisturizer, considered the Gold Standard for cosmetic moisturizers in upscale stores everywhere.  The final certified results shown below, where lower scores are better, meaning to achieve 50% inhibition for inflammation, as one example, it takes 10 times the volume of Creme de la Mer versus the smaller amount of the KNOCEAN product to achieve that same inhibition protection. For elastase, it took over 6 times more Creme de la Mer than the KNOCEAN product.   

With funding, KNOCEAN believes it will spread quickly across the market with its new Trusted products.  We are starting to discuss our launch with top of the line retail/upscale chains. 


Getting such a major breakthrough in skincare into the hands of our future women customers means we have our work cut out for us. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Two other things working in our favor: kelp has already been approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement. That approval would also apply to our newly discovered kelp compounds and future plans for other products.   Plus―and this is the important part for everyone waiting for a better, safer skincare product—we’ll be ready to launch by the end of 2015.


Dr. Copp has been engaged in the energy and natural resource sector for 30 years. He led the effort to bring the team of experts, consultants, and researchers that would form KNOCEAN Sciences, Inc. together. A senior economist at the American Petroleum Institute, Dr. Copp also served as a Captain in Military Intelligence for the US Army until 1971, and was Vice President at Salomon Brothers in New York, and Vice President of Corporate Finance at Hunt Consolidated/Hunt Oil in Dallas, TX.

The former Senior Executive of Marketing for Proctor & Gamble Consumer Goods, Mr. Jarvie is also the Former President of Dr. Pepper, CEO of Fidelity Investments in Boston, MA, and CEO of Shenley Industries in Dallas.  Mr. Jarvie is a nationally recognized marketing expert in consumer products.

A trusted advisor to companies in food, nutrition, and the aesthetic skin care industries, Mr. Bell has a track record of driving value through novel strategies. He is a leading expert on natural products and their anti-aging applications in consumer markets.  Mr. Bell helped commercialize the ORAC5.0 antioxidant testing at Brunswick Labs and also the Trust Mark Certificates now provided by International Chemistry Testing Labs.

Mr. Glantz also serves as Principal of the D.I. Biological Services consulting firm, and is the world’s leading professional marine biologist specializing in macro algae. He also co-authored “The Amber Forest: Beauty and Biology of California’s Submarine Forests,” the definitive work on Giant Kelp.

Mr. Gohsman served as COO of Global Smoothie Supply, and previously held the position of VP of National Accounts and Commercial Integration at Cadbury Schweppes.

One of the original executives to help shape KNOCEAN Sciences, Mr. Carmichael has served as Director for the HKS Advanced Technologies Group, and was the software expert for the world’s largest stadium video system for the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium. The 3D visualization model he developed there will also be deployed for KNOCEAN Sciences.

Contact Information:

Dr. Tony Copp
David Bell
Dale Glantz
John Gohsman
Pat Carmichael

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