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Sep 3, 2015 4:51 PM ET

Archived: Soupure: Body Pure, Mind Strong – Souping is the New Juicing

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 3, 2015





Soupure is in the business of developing and delivering nutrient rich hot and cold soups, alkalized waters and tonics made from fresh, organic, fiber and protein rich ingredients that are void of fillers and emulsifiers. Soupure products are created to provide all the nutritional value a person needs each day. Soupure uses science and research to find the right balance of proteins, smart energy contained in good fats and complex carbohydrates, lots of fiber and an array of super foods so that you can feel and look good and enjoy the ultimate taste experience. Products are sold as; stand-alone meals, a total meal replacement, pre and post workout hydrations and single and multi-day cleanse packages. All of our products are designed for health conscious individuals looking to improve their overall health. Soupure cleanses are designed to clean the body gently from toxins and impurities while promoting weight loss (all without lowering the metabolism) and providing all of the recommended daily nutrients.

Our value proposition is simple, for the same price as juice or restaurant purchased soup, we believe we offer superior nutrition, taste and convenience. The value to our consumers, is with consumption of our soup, we believe they will be healthier and feel and look better than if they consumed organic juices or canned and other store bought juices, waters, tonics or soups.

Contact Information:

Angela Blatteis
Vivienne Vella

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