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Sep 2, 2015 7:16 AM ET

Archived: Posterizes NBA Magazine & Website

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2015

Posterizes NBA Magazine & Website


The story of the project

If you’ve been an NBA fan over the past 4 seasons there’s a good chance you’ve either seen or used designs and artwork created by the team of talented creatives at www.posterizes.com . Over the past 4 years Posterizes has created for free, over 400 art/design pieces, where fans have been able to download and freely use digitally. Posterizes also resized all work to cater for wallpapers across all devices and screen resolutions where we received over 10+ million downloads from fans across the globe. 

With this amount of activity and data the website chews up, Posterizes has become financially straining to provide as a free service while still attaining some of the most respected and talented sports designers in the world to be involved. We’ve given an endless amount of artwork and designs to NBA fans across the past 4 years and haven’t asked for anything in return before, but for Posterizes to branch out to the next stage and continue to exist we are seeking a small amount of funding to kick start the new era of Posterizes into a bigger and better platform for the fans. We really hope this is received well, for a team of 20 top creatives who have worked tirelessly to provide fans free content for 4 years, we are only seeking funds as a result to provide you a better experience. We want to deliver more for you, Posterizes is much more than just wallpapers, and below explains why we are seeking funding for the re-launch of Posterizes, which will go live September 5th (US Date).

Posterizes is planning to re-launch and restructure with a brand new website and a digital magazine (bi-monthly) on September 5th (US Date). The magazine will not require a subscription, we are offering it free to everyone and will be something NBA fans and sports designers and artists will take a lot from. Posterizes is formed of 20+ designers and artists, who play a great deal of inspiration to up and coming and industry sports designers.  The magazine and new website will be structurally built to be a platform of help and inspiration to designers along with fans of the NBA thirsty for artwork of their favorite team or player.

Issue #1 of Posterizes the magazine will feature Golden State Warriors star and recent NBA Champion, Harrison Barnes as the cover athlete and featured interview inside. The funding process will also help boost Posterizes stance in allocating future NBA superstars to be involved with the magazine. The first issue will also feature designer interviews of Posterizes Artists Vince Chang (Collection by VC) and Kenton Hessler.


Posterizes is making available a premium content section for designers and artists for an annual subscription fee ($89 USD), which will gain you 12 months of access to tutorials, insights, assets from some of the most well known and popular sports designers currently to help motivate and turn you into a better designer. There will also be a premium content section made available for non-designers at a reduced annual subscription fee ($29 USD). The premium content section will go live November 1st, 3 weeks after the launch of the magazine and website. Why you may ask? Because we want to seek feedback of what people want, so that when you subscribe there is quality content at your hands.

We are also seeking bloggers/writers as content contributors for the magazine, if interested please email social@posterizes.com to discuss details.

How the funds will be used

Your greatly appreciated funds will be used for the below purposes.

– Cover all costs associated with running a website and magazine with a high volume of hits and data
– To progress Posterizes into a better platform of content for you, not us
– For contributors to the website and magazine to build content for the fans
– To build a premium content area for designers, which will include assets, tutorials, help and insights to the design industry
– To help acquire exclusive interviews with NBA players as cover athletes for the magazine
– To keep the magazine free of charge for all

Some of my other work


We don’t foresee any obstacles to successfully complete the project. The Posterizes team of designers are motivated to feed the fans what they want. The amount of feedback and requests for Posterizes to re-launch has been the motivating factor to do this.
Contact Information:

Tyson Beck

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