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Sep 2, 2015 6:52 PM ET

Picture Books starring the new Wogglebug

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 2, 2015

Picture Books starring the new Wogglebug


I am beginning a whole new franchise that is both the start of something new and also founded on a century old character from the public domain. The central character of this franchise of movies, books, audio-programs and other products to come is the character of Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E.. Mr. Wogglebug started out as a tiny ordinary bug and after spending years in a one-room schoolhouse, secretly learning from the wise professor and the students, he was found and projected onto a magnifying screen to the size of an adult human. The moment he had the chance, he escaped from the magnifying screen and left the schoolhouse to venture out into the world and see it from the perspective humans see it but insects cannot, and also to interact with the human world on a level no insect of any normal standards ever could. He believed himself to be worthy of admiration and capable of being a strong role model for young children. A steadfast hero for the importance of education, knowledge, and learning. As well as a staunch hero for the world of the fantasy genre at large. Which people of all ages in this day and age delight in with all forms of entertainment and art.  

Mr. Wogglebug is to be the center of influence of, as well as to help children view the great picture of the journey called life. He is a positive hero toward the benefiting of the education, entertainment, and overall fulfilling enjoyment of the children of new generations. My movies and picture books portray him from beginning to end as always courteous, optimistic, and skillfully intelligent in the face of any and all situations.

These picture books involve the Wogglebug having the same origins he had in Oz but except they take place in a Land called Genoma. There he befriends a six-year-old girl from our world and from there on he starts on a journey that intertwines with hers. They have an adventure rescuing the Enchanted Forest from being overruled by darkness as the Wogglebug with a bit of help from Sylvie passes the tests of demonstrating the Seven Living Values of Intelligence (Honesty, Courage, Perseverance, Courtesy, Kindness, Loyalty, and Humility) while he succeeds at teaching her to believe in herself. This movie also contains messages about how nature grows and flourishes and how we can help it to survive as a whole environment.

Next the Wogglebug retraces his origins and rescues his old schoolteacher, Professor Nowitall from imprisonment by a demented magician, and with the aid of a couple of gentle troll wizards he also finds the Four Keys of All Wisdom. The four keys to wisdom are: intelligence through honesty and good intentions, deep unconditional love, optimism in the joy of living, and all-natural growth. These he uses to succeed at every obstacle in his journeys to come when he and Sylvie next go on a quest to find magical artifacts through the skies via airship, on the ocean via a sailing ship, and on land in various ways, and encounter many places and creatures in many twists and turns of their own journeys.

He grows in his perspective and his status in Genoma at the same rate as Sylvie grows up in her world and gains deeper education through the wisdom he teaches her which enables her to ease through her personal problems that arise over the years.

All of this is to be the start of a small franchise for the Wogglebug’s rise to fame which will lead into a much larger franchise in the next ten to twenty years from now which I wish to do my best to work towards with the aid of supporters. 

I’m one who supports The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. I fully intend to have the Wogglebug rise to fame in being a positive role model for children in learning how to develop the value of learning to use logic and reasoning skills to find out the right answers, and to think for themselves in the face of adversary. It is my belief his franchise can help progress the new secular humanist movement in America. Since it had been the belief in, and holding to false concepts held by the majority that had been stalling the Wogglebug from being favored for so long. My wish is to use him as an iconic hero for finding out the truth through critical thinking and thus being ridden of the enemies of reason. 

The Wogglebug is even more than this. He is an ideal role model for today’s children to be able to gain the ability to believe in themselves when they seem or feel different from all others around them. Such as children on the autism spectrum which I myself had been at least during my childhood, and thus I really believe a character just like Mr. Wogglebug would have made a world of a positive difference for me then. And so I now wish to express these deep feelings to the children of new generations so we can help to make the future brighter for them and the rest of the world, as the children of this generation are the citizens of the next one.

In the event you want to help the campaign but are just not able to donate anything, all I ask is you do all you can to legitimately spread the word of this campaign. Share the link to it at any appropriate place. Use the Indiegogo sharing tools to post about this on your Facebook, Twitter, Spread the word.

Contact Information:

Cynthia Hanson

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