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Sep 1, 2015 11:25 AM ET

Archived: Himachal: an authentic Indian cider using only the finest Himachali apples & pure Himalayan mountain water

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015




The Idea

We are producing an authentic Indian cider which is being marketed directly to more than 9500 Indian restaurants in the UK. To the best of our knowledge we are the only authentic Indian cider on the market using Indian apples and brewing and bottling high in the Himalayan foothills. Ours is a natural, hand-made product which we believe will be a great accompaniment to Indian food.


Progress to Date

The product has been developed, designed and manufactured and the initial shipments have gone through comparative blind taste testing coming out top against 3 well known UK ciders in a recent event at West Bradford golf club. Our initial stocks having already been sold and committed to our launch restaurant customer in Lancashire who has committed to an initial 144 bottles a week.


Funding to Date

The company was established in January 2015 and has been supported to this point by the directors through the injection of £17,500 of initial start-up capital. This capital has enabled us to develop the product and the brand and produce, test and market our initial quantities of cider.


Use of Funds

The overwhelming majority of our cash outflows are to cover the purchase of cider, shipping costs and import/excise duty and fees. With a relatively long lead time between apple crushing in India and availability of bottled product in the UK we will have product in production, product on the water and product in stock ready to supply to customers. The raise funds will be used directly to buy raw materials and brew cider as well as to pay shipping costs and pay import and excise duties as each shipment arrives in the UK.

Contact Information:

David White

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