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Sep 1, 2015 12:32 PM ET

Archived: GOVERNOR’S LUCK; Governor’s Luck “Drop Everything” Vinyl’s / T Shirts / Tours & Treats

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 1, 2015


After 5 years together, we, Governor’s Luck, have written, recorded and independently released “The Rumour Mill” EP and now our debut album “Drop Everything”. Whilst tirelessly gigging around our hometown and the UK’s capital city, London we’ve built a loyal and fierce fan base both in our home country and abroad.

Having released Drop Everything digitally in January of this year, we are embarking on a UK tour to promote the album, play to our fans, and meet the people both dying to see, or completely unknowning of, the Governor’s Luck live show, all over the country. Along with the tour which will cover 7 cities we’ve never played before across the UK, we aim to print and release SPECIAL EDITION VINYLS of our debut album “Drop Everything”.

We’ve been so lucky to be able to connect with passionate people across the globe thanks to our age of internet. Over the past 5 years we’ve connected with incredible music fans in Australia, Canada, America, Singapore, Norway, Chile and beyond! In that time we’ve experienced joy and connection we never dreamed we could. Whether it be tourists gifts from Canada, hand delivered by one of the most passionate music fans we’ve ever been lucky enough to meet, or a flag adorning handwritten lyrics from The Rumour Mill, flown all the way from the other side of the world, we have truly felt the love of Governor’s Luck fans the world over, and it’s just the beginning.

With the success of this campaign, not only will our dream of pressing, specially remasted for vinyl, Drop Everything, onto the best format known to music, but we will also be in more of a position to plan our first trip across the world to meet, party with and play for some of our amazing fans in places yet unknown to us as a band and as people.

On stage is where we feel we have earned the love of local ears, with the raw and raucous sound of our angsty and often irratic storytelling, coupled with choruses for’a singing and hooks to keep’a dancing. We can’t think of a better way to deliver that sound and feeling to wanting ears than keeping it real on the most musically beloved format available, vinyl. 

So we, Jack, Manny, George, Ben and everyone who has ever poured their time, creativity, heart and soul into Governor’s Luck over the years, need YOU and everyone in the community of music lovers that are keeping real music and art alive, to band together and be a part of something truly great.

Together we can make the audiophile dream come true, you can connect with us in a deeper, more meaingful way which you can feel, touch, smell, sit with and listen to in a way that you just can’t with any other format. 

And with great vinyl, comes great responsibility. Once you’ve supported us and chosen your reward you can help by sharing the campaign across your social media and helping us to help you. The more we can raise, the more support we can drum up, the more hearts we can bring together, the more guaranteed your vinyl is AND the more countries we can visit in order to take the musical experience to THE NEXT LEVEL, live, in your country, in your city, in a club, pub, venue or MAYBE ARENA, playing for you and your friends and you have my word (Jack) that if we put on a show for you in your country, because of your support, we’ll be partying together like never before.


You can hear Drop Everything on;




Share with your friends, fellow music lovers and any unknowing person who has ever listened to music, SHARE AND LET THE LOVE FLOW.

#DropEverythingVinyl #GovernorsLuckNeedYou #TheDropEverythingWorldTourFund


We want to hear from you and hear where you want us, what you want from us and how much you want it, LET US LOVE YOU!;





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