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Aug 31, 2015 5:54 PM ET

Archived: Project Zero – Making it Happen

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 31, 2015

Project Zero
Making it Happen

Project Zero is the thread that holds the pieces of the garment together.
We are the glue, if you will, of the Festival of Muizenberg.
Unseen yet always necessary. The bucks start here.


Project 0 (zero) is necessary for Festival Muizenberg to happen!

Muizenberg people are alive with the intention to become involved. To take responsibility for designing and implementing a way of life that reflects our core values of Celebrating who we are and what we have; Building local economy that supports us; Creating spaces and systems that serve our collective life-style vision (e.g. community gardening, designing and using our parks, making  spaces child and wheelchair friendly, recycling systems, etc.).

The Festival Muizenberg is a community led, and collectively designed process of developing and showcasing projects that contribute to our vision.

Project 0 is the serving structure that supports the activities (projects) that we create for these purposes.

We are not an event organisation. Project 0 is the serving structure of an open-source community initiative, that seeks to celebrate and grow the people of our community. We support the activities (projects) that we create for these purposes, and weave them into an event.

We’ve designed it like this because we want to practice inter-dependence. There are some executive decisions that we hold, whereas, the approach, methodology, and content emerge from the collective. We structure times and spaces for the gathering of our community, so that we can build a common journey.


Milestone 1 –  R20 000
The Tipping Point
A festival event needs structure and management. We have basic costs that must be covered in order to coordinate the Muizenberg Festival. Project 0 is necessary, although not sufficient. Communications, Printing, and other logistics need money..

Milestone 2 – R50 000
We can extend our platform, and engage more creatives to provide professional services. Design, Branding, Website building, Advertising, etc.

Milestone 3 – R75 000
We can establish a structured year-long program that allows a systematic development of Muizenberg, as a community and as a venue;

We can reach more of our Aim:

  1. To create and establish an integrated, active and vibrant community participation vehicle of transformation;
  2. To create social enterprise opportunities that benefit our artists, crafters, musicians, skaters, surfers, families, and organisations of the greater Muizenberg area.

Help us make Muizenberg Festival 2015 happen!
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/Project0FestivalMuizenberg




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Muizenberg Festival 2015

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