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Aug 26, 2015 3:08 PM ET

Archived: LS Plasma LLC: a necessary part of the medical field that is only produced by the human body and cannot be synthetically reproduced

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2015

LS Plasma LLC

LS Plasma LLC Logo


I, Dominick Treccariche, plan on opening LS Plasma Donation Center (LSPC) in Lee’s Summit Missouri. With the research that we have done and with the contacts within the medical community it apparent that there is an extreme shortage of plasma in the Kansas City area and throughout the United States. By opening this new center LSPC will be able to provide at the beginning approximately one hundred and fifty to one hundred seventy five units of plasma per month to our local community within the first year. By year four we will be able to provide five to six thousand units year and by year ten upwards of fifteen thousand units of plasma not only to the Kansas City area, the United States and even throughout the world.

The main target audience for donators will be from the age of 18-40. With the secondary target being of the ages 41+. All donators will be compensated for their donation. The current compensation package is $25.00 for the first donation and $35.00 for each additional donation thereafter.

The current market value for one unit of plasma is set at $125.00-155.00 in the local Kansas City area.

Plasma is a necessary part of the medical field that is only produced by the human body and cannot be synthetically reproduced. As the population increases so does the demand for blood and plasma. It is safe to say that the future of plasma is only going to grow and the demand increases each and every year.
We are currently seeking a business loan for the amount of $1,200,.00 to cover the startup expenses to include remodeling, equipment, first 5 months salaries and expenses. We are confident that within the first 6 months of business the company will be profitable due to the high need of our product.


Products / Services

Source Plasma

The sole product will be the plasma that will be extracted from the donors’ blood. To do this LSPC will be drawing the donor’s blood and separating the red blood cells using a process called “Plasmapherisis” and using standard hemodialysis equipment. Once the plasma is extracted, the red blood cells will then be reintroduced into the donor using the same IV already established.
Once the plasma has be extracted we will then separate out three vials to send off to the labs to run it through a thorough series of tests to ensure it is disease free and to the specifications set forth by the FDA. While the plasma is going thru the tests the main bulk of the plasma will be stored on location awaiting test results.
The pricing fees for our patients are as follows:
Standard civilian patients will be compensated $35.00
Military and other patients with certain vaccinations will be compensated up to $35.00-45.00

Customer pricing per unit of plasma (1 pint) is from $125.00-155.00.

Contact Information:

Dominick Treccariche

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