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Aug 26, 2015 7:50 AM ET

Archived: JailBusters: provides immediate notification to loved ones and attorneys, that would want to know you been arrested

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 26, 2015




Mine is an App. that has been developed by Zapporoo and I need capital to finish coding and Beta testing.

The idea behind JailBusters is it provides immediate notification to loved ones and attorneys, that would want to know you been arrested. JailBusters is a one push app. that gives you peace of mind if you are going to jail, tells your loved ones and attorney/bailbondsman to come get you out.

If you have been in any county jail it is frightening. JailBusters will also send a location ping to your pre-chosen “inner-circle” in case you were away from your home town and got arrested. You no longer have to worry about standing in line to use one dirty payphone that you have to call collect on ONLY! My time in Harris County County jail is the reason I am developing this app. Although it will be launched for free download, it’s worth a million dollars if you see the police car lights in your rearview mirror. Our slogan is we can’t keep you from going to jail, but we can get you out alot easier.

What makes this app so unique

  • There is no other on the market and JailBusters has an immediate pool of advertisers in the National Bar Association. An attorney can assure work if he has his clients download our app. with THAT attorney’s contact information loaded. So, if their client has their information preloaded, when he presses the Jailbusters button on his phone THAT attorney is notified.
  • It is fully customizable as soon as you download it. Your preloaded out going message to as many contacts as you wish, can read simply say “I’m heading to jail please come get me!” A location ping is then sent out so when the police take your phone and everything else before processing you, you’ll have piece of mind because communication is nearly impossible in jail with outsiders.

Why we need your support

  • Last Stages of development before launch
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