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Aug 24, 2015 2:12 PM ET

Archived: The Playsuit: The Ultimate Suit for The Modern Woman: A stylish, go-anywhere, do-anything suit engineered for the modern woman. The Playsuit is tailored to perfection and built for play.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

JOLIE: Represents artfulness, intellect, science, and refined beauty.

COQUETTE: The rebellious, playful, and devil-may-care provocateur.

JOLIE COQUETTE is a lifestyle inspired by the aforementioned elements of sublime play, and dynamic femininity – Offering a line of beautiful, functional Playsuits for the modern woman. 

PLAYSUIT/ noun: A stylish go anywhere do anything utility suit designed to inspire playfulness and engagement with empathetic functionality and beautiful form. 

Our #girlboss team of engineers, realized that while men’s apparel is based on both function and form, women’s apparel is fundamentally lacking in everyday functionality. This made us extremely angry. 

We envision a world where women live and play more freely and spontaneously – just as men do. Our apparel is inspired by that vision.

♡ Empathetically Engineered: Designed with women’s experiences in mind.
Beauty: Classically stylish pieces.
Play: Alluring engagement, the heart of our brand.
♡ Revenge: On patriarchal societal norms.

♡ The outer shell is made with a luxe cotton knit, more structured than most knits but just as soft. Look beautiful, tailored, and feel comfortable

 ♡ Each suit has an internal chest pocket for easy credit card access, plus deep pockets for storage.

♡ With an openable snap crotch, trips to the ladies room no longer require you to get undressed. We know how long it took you to get your situation situated.

♡ Stretchy and soft – freedom to move & play.


Bra straps won’t slide off your shoulders with built in strap-holders under each sleeve.


♡ An over-the-hip design eliminates pull-over pains. Put on your clothes without vandalizing your updo. Trust and believe, we’ve all been there.


♡ Looks like a skirt, acts like a short – skirting around the city like the busy-bee that you are is now a flash-free affair.


♡ Manufactured in the US. The very best quality.

As a knit garment The Playsuit is flexibly built to fit sizes 0-4 [s/m], and will be manufactured in one size for this initial production run. Measurements of the Playsuit are as follows:

♡ 30″ full length ♡ 15″ waist to hem ♡ 1.75″ inseam
♡ fits 24″- 32″ natural waist ♡ fits 32″- 34″ natural chest

♡ A classic design makes The Playsuit a metaphorical piece of cake to style up or down. Getting dressed time? 10 minutes or less. Here are some of our favorite looks.

♡ Frolicking dramatically ♡ Dancing spastically ♡ Bending & Snapping
♡ Downward dog in public  ♡ Aggressive cuddling ♡ Complaisant snuggling ♡ Bed jumping ♡ Bike riding ♡ Scooter gliding ♡ Concert going ♡ Errand running

FOR $5:
A virtual piggy back ride from the Jolie Coquette Team…to anywhere in the world. Choose your location wisely.

FOR $9: 
Beautiful, functional, coquettish stickers; to put on sacred refrigerator items, calendars, sketchbooks, and all your BFF/BF’S stuff. Plus a handwritten thank you note from our team to you.

FOR $12:
Jolie Coquette Pick-up Line Postcards. For all of your adorably passive agressive, flirtation needs. Coquette crushes > all other crushes.

FOR $29:
The Jolie/Coquette cotton crop top. Depending on availability, your color choice will be either blush-pink or white. A survey for size and color options will be sent after the campaign has run it’s course. Merci!

The Love-me-knot Ribbon Accessory; for hair wear, accessorizing, and more. Featured in our Valentine’s Day Giveaway with Kurly Klips!

FOR $39:
The Jolie/Coquette cotton crop top + the full set of Pick-Up Line Postcards.

FOR $79 [EARLY BIRDS] & $89 [REGULAR CAMPAIGN PRICE]: One Playsuit in pictured color Sienna Saturday. Comes with a set of stickers, two Pick-up Line Postcards, and a beautifully printed Playbook


FOR $149 [LIMITED]: The Playsuit in limited edition Raspberry Pi. Sprinkled in coquette stickers and post cards.

Two Playsuits in color Sienna Saturday, for you and your bestie. Comes with stickers, Pick-up Line Postcards, and beautifully printed Playbooks.

FOR $500: THE LOVE CLUB The entire Jolie Coquette team will write a thank you song for you…and virtually serenade you via video chat. In addition to this lovely musical joy, you get The Playsuit in limited edition color Wineberry, The Playsuit in Sienna Saturday + the aforementioned swag. Merci. Merci Beaucoup.

In addition to three Sienna Saturday Playsuits + the coquette swag, you get your lovely name and your lovely face on our site as a supporter [if you want], and a hand written thank you card from our team. Merci, we are deeply moved and will eternally have very warm, amiable feelings towards you.

Join the Jolie Coquette founder for a personalized playdate in San Francisco. A day featuring SF’s funnest spots, fashion, innovation, and tips on how to integrate more playtime into your everyday. You’ll also receive The Playsuit in Sienna Saturday + all of the aforementioned swag.

SHARE & SCORE OUR FREE PLAYLIST! Share our project link and email a screenshot of your post to wink@joliecoquette.com. We’ll send you back a 25 song playlist to spice up your everyday!

Kimber-Lee Alston is the Founder & CEO of Jolie Coquette, an admitted dessert enthusiast, and spontaneous pirouetter. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY and spent much of her youth gallivanting through Coney Island and Times Square until graduating from LaGuardia Arts High School in 2009. As an artist and engineer at Lehigh University, she created Jolie Coquette.

[Below] Kimber-Lee at Baker Beach in SF. Documenting playsuit prototype # 1 – the first iteration of the short-like part of the suit.

 Follow on snapchat @kimberleealston

♡ Mid September Campaign closes.
♡ September – Orders placed for fabrics, materials, and supplies.
♡ October – Playsuits are made.
♡ November – orders shipped to you!

Contact Information:

Kimber-Lee Lorraine Alston

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