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Aug 24, 2015 1:35 PM ET

Rubix Telecom Wholesale VOIP phone service provider in US and Canada

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 24, 2015

Rubix Telecom is a wholesale VoIP phone service provider serving the United States and Canada.  VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows callers to transmit and receive phone calls over the Internet rather than soon-to-be-obsolete landlines.  Companies like Vonage and Skype have experienced great success with VoIP in the B2C sector; at Rubix, our focus is businesses.


Telephones have come a long way from the old school rotary dialers of the 1950s.  Touchtone phones were the thing in the 60s, followed by portable home phones in the 90s and cellular phones a little later on.

Luckily, the Voice over IP revolution has taken hold.  VoIP involves the transmission and delivery of telephone communication over the Internet.  Standard copper telephone lines are being replaced by VoIP at a rapid pace.  VOIP has traditionally been a focus within the B2C sector…that is, until now.


Vonage, a VoIP industry leader, showed us back in 2005 how effective VoIP can be in the consumer space.  Skype built off of this a little later, introducing the video aspect into VoIP and changing the way families and friends communicate across the globe.  Today, Rubix Telecom is here to provide full-service VoIP solutions to businesses, and to provide carriers with greater access to their customers.

Because of the bandwidth efficiency and low costs that VoIP technology can provide, businesses are migrating from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP systems to reduce their monthly phone costs.  No more being held down by the landline giants – Rubix Telecom is here to guide this migration.


Rubix Telecom delivers big VoIP benefits – for both carriers and our customers.

Benefits to carriers


Rubix Telecom provides an influx of new customers that are experiencing VoIP for the first time

We offer 215,000 different call routes (area codes) for the carriers to do business in.

  Once a month, carriers can build their rate decks and change rates weekly to ensure the cheapest option.  This allows for flexibility based on customer types, capacity, and supply/demand factors.

  We will be active in switching calls and assigning customers to the carriers, finding the best rate possible for them.

Benefits to customers


  Our innovative least cause routing engine interacts with other carriers in the same route.  Our algorithms then determine the least expensive carrier, and routes your call to them.

  Customers have over 215,000 different routes (area codes) and over 80 different carrier networks (including Verizon and British Telecom) at their disposal.  This amounts to over 3.6 billion options for calls.

  It’s simple – we send you a signup link that creates an “account on” switch right away.  We even give you a $5 credit to test out the service.

  Utilizing our VoIP solutions allows for the management of many business activities right from your computer.  In addition, we have some exciting new products in the pipeline to make things even easier.


We’re off to a red hot start at Rubix.  Here’s a peek into what we’ve accomplished in less than a year of being in business…you won’t believe just how much we’ve done already!

Amazing revenue accomplishments.  We went from 0 to $185,000 in per month revenues in just 10 short months.  This was achieved with just one employee working nonstop to grow the company.

Carrier network is in place.  We have a full carrier network, with over 80 carriers in route and fully operational.

Our “switchboard” is filling up rapidly.  We currently have 140 wholesale customer accounts, with this number growing each day.

We’ve got the big boys on our side.  Some or our current larger customers include Airespring, Intelepeer, and Peoples Bank.  We’ve also garnered preliminary interest from giants such as Level3, Verizon, and Century Link.


Software advancements are underway.  We have hosted PBX software in development, as well as a call tracking application.  Both will be in Beta testing within the next 60-90 days.

We haven’t even had our first birthday, yet we’re taking off already.  Please request access to the business plan portion of our Fundable profile to see where we’re headed next!


Hello Fundable!  I’m Chris Rubini, your main switchboard operator at Rubix Telecom.  I was the only one for a long period of time until recently hired my father who had a long carrier as an executive and IBM.  

As Rubix’s President and sole employee, I do it all.  I operate all VOIP switches, head up customer and vendor acquisition, handle the accounting, facilitate R&D, and make sure our marketing strategy is executed and up-to-date.  It’s a ton of work – but I absolutely love it.

We’re at a point now where an infusion of new qualified personnel could grow our revenues exponentially.  And that’s the main reason we’re here.  You can read more about our future plans and funding needs in the business plan.

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