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Aug 22, 2015 5:22 PM ET

Archived: Lunerbaby2020 is a multicultural hair salon that offers hair extensions and specializes in wig making and Asian haircuts

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 22, 2015
Personal Story

My name is Damian. I was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I moved from Milwaukee to Madison at the tender age of 10 with my mother and two siblings. During this time, my mother was a single parent so I was co-parented by other family members between the neighboring cities of Milwaukee and Chicago. Our family constantly moved around. I was never able to settle into a school for more than a year. Every year, it was a new school and new crowd. Being a mixed child, I always felt the pressure to pick sides if I wanted to fit in. Changing schools so often was a big adjustment. I was compelled to just be me. I became creative by using my style as an outlet to convey to my peers, such as changing my hair or mixing and matching clothes to my taste, not to the latest fashion criteria.

Growing up in the inner cities was tough. There were nights where my mom could not afford for us to have second helpings. Although I wished we had more, I was grateful for my mom’s effort to keep us fed. As the eldest at 12, I became the man of the house. I cooked, cleaned, and put my siblings to bed while my mom worked and attended college at night to better our lives. One of my duties was to get my sister up and dressed for school. Although my sister was a bit too young for hair extensions, it gave me brave pleasure at such a young age to style her hair and what was even more rewarding is that she actually liked it. This ignited a spark inside of me.

Through all of my hardships and growing up in poverty, I always remained optimistic that my creativity and my talent would prevail someday. Growing up watching the impact hair extensions had on the women in my family and on television, I was captivated by the art of hair extensions.

Today, my passion and desire as a hairstylist has led me into a new venture as the proud business owner of Lunerbaby2020. I thoroughly enjoy making others feel beautiful. I am so proud that I have come from a childhood of despair and turned it around to become a successful business owner. I also feel proud to have been able thus far to bestow my creativity and talents along with out-of-the-box thinking to make this business a reality.

Business Description

Lunerbaby2020 is a multicultural hair salon that offers hair extensions and specializes in wig making and Asian haircuts. Lunerbaby2020 offers the best trendy hairstyles from New York, LA and Chicago. I use new hair weaving techniques to ensure my hairstyles are modern and to my customers’ satisfaction.

I decided to open Lunerbaby2020 when I realized that had enough of a client base to open a business and begin my dream. My customer base is an array of people, young to old, and all in between. Women and men want to feel beautiful and handsome. I love what I do as a stylist to make someone’s dream of their self- worth become a reality and help them achieve beauty. The biggest challenge for me is to keep enough capital to supply hair on a bigger scale.

My dreams for the future would be to incorporate more hair extensions to offer my customers the highest quality of hair extensions and continue to serve a multi-cultural community where I can offer hair extensions to all ethnicity groups. I would also want to upgrade to a larger store space and introduce make up and nail artistry. Ultimately, I would like to own a one-stop-shop for all to enjoy! My goal is to grow my business into a national chain of salon’s and becoming a recognizable chain of across the nation.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I would like to incorporate more hair extensions to offer my customers the highest quality of hair extensions. Each lot of hair ranges from $60 to $200. The full loan amount of $4,700 will be utilized to purchase about 40 hair extensions.

The loan will not only allow me to better my hair extension service to existing customers but also enable me to serve more new customers and thus, increase my revenue.

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