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Aug 22, 2015 9:30 PM ET

Archived: Leading 3 Family Offices of Bank of America, HSBC and Bessemer Trust at Lido’s Exclusive Luncheon Meetings

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 22, 2015

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The Soho Loft ​ Media Group, with Victoria Global, supported three Exclusive Luncheon Meetings organized by Lido Consulting Inc. with family offices on July 16, 2015 in Beverly Hills, on July 23 in Newport Beach and on July 28 in Palo Alto, CA.

Aug. 7, 2015 – NEW YORK — Influential CEOs, top executive managers, officers of leading bank industries, affluent families and related professionals across the country converged at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, 9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday, July 16, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PDT). Another set of the Exclusive Luncheon Meeting took place at The Pacific Club, 4110 Macarthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA on July 23, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT), with the 3rd event at the Garden Court Hotel, 520 Cowper Street, Palo Alto, CA on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT).

Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global David Drake says, “This is an extremely important meeting that gives a definite opportunity for the individuals and family offices who want to effectively grow and manage their #investments and wealth.”

The Lido Consulting Luncheon Meetings are the best opportunities to meet up with the experts and learn from other key professionals the newest and top ideas of family office management.

Attendees looking for supervision would find objective, well-designed strategies and practical financial answers from the experienced and proficient team of Lido professionals. These Exclusive Meetings aimed to provide a medium for family offices and individuals to discover and share ideas that will cater to their specialized needs.

The Meetings were strictly confidential and by invitation only. The list of attendees and speakers were not provided as well. However, CPAs that attended this presentation were redited a one hour continuing education.

Suggestions on who to invite and what topics to be discussed for future meetings may be raised during the private gatherings.

The Executive sponsor for these Exclusive Luncheon Meetings was the Lido Consulting Inc. Partners for this event include Victoria Global and The Soho Loft Media Group.

For meeting locations, topics and directions, please contact Lido Consulting at aweinberger@lidoconsulting.com.

For more details, visit:




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MEDIA CONTACT: THE SOHO LOFT Media Group (www.thesoholoft.com)

The Soho Loft Media Group is a global financial media company with 3 divisions:

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The Soho Loft Media Group is your global partner for your investment and business strategies. Image: The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills.

Image credit to beverlyhills.peninsula.com

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