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Aug 21, 2015 4:32 PM ET

Archived: Cutting the Strings of the Puppet Master

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 21, 2015

Cutting the Strings of the Puppet Master


The book cutting the string of the puppet master is a true life story of the author’s painful battles with compulsive craves to pornography, masturbation and promiscuity. In this story, are found well formulated easy to understand but powerful principles and concepts which the author used to free himself and cut the strings of habits that controlled him like a puppet.

The book aims at raising one’s conscientiousness (wishing to do what is right) through knowledge extracted from a personal experience that anyone can use to emancipate himself from the slavery of compulsive sexual habits through spiritual deliverance and a process of building mental strength to take back  and secure control of his/her mind. The book is not just a story but is complete with a step by step therapy program which the author used on himself and any one upon understanding the principals and concepts laid down in this book can apply them on himself to get spiritual deliverance and acquire mental strength to not only take control of his mind but build a fortress around his mind to prevent relapse.

For every one;

Many of us have helplessly watched our loved ones live a wasteful life of promiscuity and other  forms of compulsive behavior  such as drugs and alcohol. The great teacher taught that how can one enter a strongman’s house and plunder his goods unless he first binds the strong man.

In this book are solutions on how you could guide and support a loved one to freedom from compulsive sexual behavior.

The book is not only for those who are struggling with compulsive sexual habits but is also for those who wish to walk the walk of ABSTINENCEwithout struggle but with understanding and those who are married to properly manage their sex lives to guard against infidelity. You see, during sexual intercourse or indulging in other forms of sexual pleasures, that event, plays out on two realms simultaneously that is the physical as well as the spiritual. Unfortunate for many, they are not aware of this fact. What? is easily understood is the physical reward that is the gratification which is temporal but what is unknown to many is that there is a spiritual reward which is long lasting as more will be explained in the book.

We are a sexual being and there for the need to quench this desire is part of being human. The book shades light on the grim reality of this quest to obtain gratification for our sexual desires and also states ,why? and how? we should guard our walk in trying to obtain sexual pleasures so that we avoid from coming to pass in our lives the proverbial saying that ‘His own iniquities entrap the wicked man and he is caught in the cords of his sin’. The author shares the ramificative drastic effect from a personal perspective of  what a compulsive sexual habit can have on other aspects of an individual’s character like loss of self-esteem, low drive towards achieving set goals, creativity, temperament, being easily offended, unforgiving, loss of mental strength to conceive and nature good ideas to fruition. And the dramatic positive turnaround of these characteristics upon achieving victory. 

Contact Information:

Patrick Omony Moni

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