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Aug 20, 2015 7:59 AM ET

Archived: Bell Boardz: the only skateboards of its kind that combines the safety and comfort

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2015

Bell Boardz

Bell Boardz, established in 2013 by I, Lambert O. Egbuchulam, as a sole proprietorship, is a start-up company that will be selling/distributing my new patented product Bell Boards. Ever since I was a kid I loved to skateboard. I use to take my skateboard everywhere because I found it cool, fun and exciting. But I realized it wasn’t an easy activity to do. As I got older, I started minimizing the use of my skateboard because it became less about it being cool or fun, and more about the most feasible way to get from place to place. That is where a bicycle beats a skateboard. It is a lot easier to ride a bike than to skateboard. That’s why more people ride bikes around the world. When I came up with the idea of my company and product I wanted to create a new product line of skateboards that are as easy to ride as riding a bike, because there is a safer and more comfortable feeling biking than skateboarding. I came up with the product, the Bell Boards. Bell Boards are the only skateboards of its kind that combines the safety and comfort of a bike with the thrill of skateboarding. My company, Bell Boardz, offer types of skateboards whose primarily goal is to emulate that feeling of biking while skateboarding, that easiness. With its dumbbell structure, foam padding, and ball wheels the Bell Boards offer THE easier alternative to traditional skateboarding without compromising the excitement. My company is still in the developing phase so there is still some nooks and crannies that need to be worked out. With room to expand the product line, such as room for additional products, multiple styles, qualities, and price ranges, the company and its product is poised for growth. I, Lambert O Egbuchulam, am the founder and 100% owner of Bell Boardz, and anything else proprietary to it. The company will currently operate from a home office.


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Bell Boards

Bell Boards are the only skateboards of their kind that can combine the safety and comfort you get from biking without compromising the thrill and excitement of skateboarding. Its a lot easier to bike then to skateboard for most people, so Bell Boards are type of skateboards that try to incorporate the easiness your feel from biking into skateboarding, creating a level a comfortably in our skateboards that matches that of a bike.

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