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Aug 19, 2015 1:19 PM ET

Archived: Virtual iTouch Mobile Management Solution for the Service Industry.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2015

Meet Virtual iTouch: the new business management platform dedicated to connecting service-based businesses, their employees and their customers — all in one connected, integrated platform.

Imagine a network of 50,000 salons and spas employing 250,000 employees servicing 5,000,000 clients — all on the same virtual network, all leveraging the same infrastructure and apps to facilitate business interactions and engagement.

That’s Virtual iTouch.

Virtual iTouch is one of the first enterprise business solutions to run natively for iOS.

The Virtual iTouch platform provides service providers with a cloud-based infrastructure to communicate with staff, clients, and vendors in a way that fully manages their businesses.

To prove our worth, we’re targeting salon and spa owners to start. But the potential applications of the Virtual iTouch platform extend far beyond the spa and salon industry, into every service-based industry you can name.

Over 50 salons and spas are already utilizing the Virtual iTouch solution to connect spa owners, employees and their guests like never before. Who’s next?


A salon or spa owner spends big bucks to make their establishment an “oasis” of personal care – making operational efficiency and cost-cutting huge priorities.  However, with no current effective solution to manage everything under one umbrella, they’re struggling to do so.  The standard point-of-service model has failed, up until now, to cross over into the salon and spa industry.

Salon and spa owners have no way to interact with their staff and clients over a holistic platform, and are struggling operationally as a result.  Marketing-centric solutions, like Constant Contact, are usually very expensive and fail to integrate with salon and spa management software.  Owners are faced with a tough choice: either use multiple software services to manage my business, use just one that’s not full-service, or do everything by hand.  And nobody has time for that.

And we don’t want to discriminate.  Salons and spas are far from the only industry affected by inadequate operational management.  From hotels to clothing stores, consumer services of all types are receiving negative feedback from their on-the-move customers looking to get things done quickly.


Just on time, Virtual iTouch is here to simplify the complexity and costliness that salon and spa owners – and other consumer service businesses – are facing. 

In this amazing age of technology, why waste valuable labor costs?  Instead of having an employee spend countless hours doing mundane “back of the office” duties, Virtual iTouch has moved them to the cloud to allow for simplified processes and shared services.

Virtual iTouch is a 100% fully native iOS solution. Whether you’re a business owner, an employee or a customer, with Virtual iTouch, connecting with your business is as simple as the swipe of an iPhone or iPad screen. 

Breathe easy, save money, and get back to pampering those customers.


Whether you run a nation-wide franchise like Super Cuts or Great Clips, a single location, or you’re an independent stylist, Virtual iTouch has a solution that can help make your job simpler, smarter and more connected. 

Here’s how we help…

Business Owners:

Modernize your business by streamlining all business processes and making instant gratification a top feature.

Connect with your customers directly through our platform and onto their social media accounts.

Save seriously on labor by automating many “back of the office” tasks.

Access and manage inventory, analytics, scheduling, and payroll right from your mobile device.

Check out clients from anywhere in the shop with our Mobile Point of Sale Solution. 

Manage, measure and monitor your business from anywhere in the world. 

Share your work with your clients — and empower your clients to share your work with their friends. 

The Employee:

Get featured and stand out on your own with our profile and video uploading features.

Get easy access to everything, including schedules and paychecks, with our easy-to-use employee dashboard.

Accept payments quickly and easily with no paperwork using our payment solution.

Save time working on those “back of the office” functions that everyone hates with our software.

Communicate directly with your clients and your salon owner – right from the mobile client app. 

Receive personal, real-time photos from your clients right from the app. 

The Consumer:

Your favorite locations run so much smoother because of us – and the better service gets passed on to you.

Are you a walk-in?  Our platform places you in a queue and informs you when it’s your turn – so you can get back to your life without waiting in a lobby.

We provide a convenient payment solution that supports technologies like Apple Pay and allows you to pay for your services right on the spot.

We let you directly access your favorite stylist via their profiles and videos, and allow you to make appointments if you wish.

Seamlessly connect your favorite spots with your social media accounts to take advantage of deals and special offers.

See how many folks are in line before you and get projected wait-times before you make the appointment. 

Check in for your appointment right through the app! 


We’re a point-of-service solution in essence, but so much more in reality.  In our salon and spa vertical, for example, all new clients get a free 30-day trial for the following management solutions:


Virtual iTouch Salon and Spa Management iPad App

Mobile Employee App (Android, iOS)

Mobile Client App (Android, iOS)

Self-service Kiosk App (iOS)

Digital Google TV Advertising App (Android)

The components embedded within these services are seemingly endless.  Here are a handful of the most impressive, many of which are supported by patents:

It’s cloud-based and ready to roll socially.  The app has direct integration to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – and a marketing engine that pushes out socially different opportunities based off data that’s relevant to specific clients.

Owners get full control over their business – access to full analytics, staff scheduling, payroll, and much more.  It’s also equipped with a fully mobile payment solution that requires no storage, no printer, and no credit card machine.

Google and Apple ads already integrated, but we also stream our own ads.  Using data acquired from the CRM features, clients can tailor ads to specific customers in a variety of manners (Google TV is one).

We provide an integrated campaign management component that allows businesses to create, offer and discount campaigns for their customers. 

The app supports both walk-ins and scheduled activity.  Customers can access videos of their favorite stylists and make appointments with them, or add themselves to a walk-in queue.


It’s been a long road, but Virtual iTouch has now arrived.  Though we have a ways to go to live out our full vision, we’ve made some serious strides so far:

We’re available for download.  Our fully functional solution has been on the Apple App Store for over a year now, making us one of the first enterprise business solutions to run natively on Apple.  

And, customers are taking advantage.  We currently have over 50 salon owners and over 100 salon clients using our mobile client, and the numbers are growing exponentially.

Even outsiders are taking interest.  We’ve also had approximately 500 downloads outside of our salon network.

All-star partners.  We’ve formed a partnership with Apple for payment solutions, and with Google for access to their Google TV feature. We’ve also teamed up with Merchant Warehouse, a $200M merchant processing company, and with POSportal, a global hardware procurement company that allows our clients to both purchase and lease hardware to run our software. 

Power of intellectual property.  We have a total of 3 patents pending on our software.

Going forward, we’ll look to improve upon the software’s functionality even more and move our model into new industries.  Want more information?  Don’t forget to request access to the business plan portion of our Fundable profile!


Greetings Fundable – I’m the CEO and founder of  Virtual iTouch.  With over 25 years of technology leadership for two Fortune 100 companies, the tech world is my life.  I’ve garnered over 40 patents, including an online tee time management app for golfers, which I ultimately sold.

During my family’s 30 years of owning and operating salons I acquired firsthand knowledge of the industry and improvements it desperately needed.  With my tech background guiding me, I decided to join my two passions together to create a cloud-based solution that would turn the industry on its head.

My Support System

I’m only as good as my supporting team, and they’re quite awesome.  Christopher Kunney is our CTO, in charge of all tech-based decisions.  He’s supported by Lead Cloud Advisor Damion Daley, our resident software expert.  Chief Legal Advisor David Walker points us in the right direction for all legal decisions, while CFO Dr. Alvin Johnson is in charge of the finances.

Contact Information:

Christopher Kunney
Damion Daley
David Walker
Dr. Alvin Johnson

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