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Aug 18, 2015 6:30 AM ET

Archived: TAXICORP THE NEW ERA OF “CONNECTED TAXIS”: Taxicorp “Electric Taxi” & “Connected Taxi” System & Method

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2015


How Does it work?


Phase 1


The first phase of the Taxicorp Electric Taxi Pollution Reduction Initiative, is aimed at producing a simple app that provides the passenger the option of choosing an electric taxi for their transport request by locating the nearest registered Electric Taxi or Operator.

As electric taxis become more common place, we believe that the public have the power to accelerate the uptake of electric taxis and reduce pollution by up to 30% in inner cities by exclusively using the free Taxicorp app to “Vote With Their Feet”.

Registration with the app will be available to any taxi driver, operator or taxi booking app provider that wishes to register an electric taxi on the database.

The IOS coding for the beta test app for the apple iphone is nearing completion and funding is required for further development and to produce an android version.

Although the Taxicorp business model has to be financially sound, Taxicorp is not about monetization, our goal is simply to make a difference to the pollution levels of our environment.


Phase 2 (Stretch Goal)


Phase 2 is the development of the “Patent Pending” system and method of doing business in relation to the Taxicorp “Connected Taxi” approach:

The System can by achieved technically in various ways but not exclusive to the following examples:

1. Pre Installed TAXICORP Software with the Manufacturers Approval/Partnership.

2. TAXICORP App With Car Makers SDK’s approval/Partnership to run on Smartphone/ipad/vehicle display or any other suitable display.

3. TAXICORP app and OBD II dongle.

OBD II Example Solution
OBD II Example Solution

As well as Electric taxi’s this system and or plug in could be incorporated into any taxi to provide “next level” taxi apps which could be used by any operator, taxi driver, automated taxi or taxi app booking provider by adding an additional layer of public safety and information about the vehicle range, state of charge, tyre pressure, air bag status etc.

By integrating the App with the taxi’s diagnostics, our vision is a new era of “Connected Taxis”, plus when it comes to electric taxis we feel we can address many concerns, the public and taxi drivers, may have in relation to electric taxis and range anxiety. 


Bookings Within Range
Bookings Within Range

The system has the potential not only to calculate whether the driver can accept a transport request, but also..


Sufficient Range
Sufficient Range

By considering range issues and whether the transport request allows the vehicle to make it to a refueling/charge point, back to base of operations or to the drivers home the system will also analyze vehicle data such as airbag operational status, tyre pressure, fluid levels etc in the interest of public safety.

This could be set to override the driver or operator or automated vehicles ability to accept a job and or notify the operator should there be a public safety concern, notifying the driver and or operations centre.

Some scenarios would simply route the driver/vehicle to the nearest air pump or service facility should the vehicle tyre pressure be below the legal or safe requirements.


Tyre Pressure Too Low
Tyre Pressure Too Low


In addition, once a transport request is accepted, this data may then be shared with the passenger if the taxi drive/vehicle or operator selects this option to provide the passenger with live updates about the vehicle they have booked.

This option would provide peace of mind for the passenger who is not only certain that the vehicle has sufficient charge and or range to reach the destination, but that the vehicle diagnostic information has confirmed all safety related diagnostics such as air bag status, tyre pressure, fluid levels etc.




We are working in accordance with and receiving mentoring from the (I-CVUE) Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe (http://icvue.eu/). The I-CVUE aims to reduce CO2 emissions in urban environments by increasing the number of electric vehicles in large fleets in urban areas. 

The Taxicorp Phase 2 system is not exclusively limited to Taxis and may be applied to the transport sector as a whole (Lorries,Busses,Vans, Cars etc). 

Insurance Benefits & Government Legislation


Due to the versatility & public safety aspects of the “Connected Taxi” approach, the retail cost of the software & or OBD II (EOBD in Europe) may well be offset with the first years Insurance and eventually legislated or supplied by local councils as part of the taxi licensing procedure, in the interest of “Public Safety”.

In addition to the “Public safety” factors, the system could be used to accurately calculate the mileage and fuel usage of any Petrol & Diesel taxi to accurately evaluate emissions within a Borough, County, State or Country to incorporate a payment penalty for pollution offenders, to further drive the uptake of “Electric Taxis”.

Using a small Borough in the UK like Elmbridge in Surrey for example, who have only 493 licensed taxis. Using an average of 50,000 miles a year per taxi, this equates to a collective annual mileage of 24.6 MILLION miles. If a Pollution penalty of 1p per mile for example using our system were introduced this could result in pollution offenders penalties of 246,000 Pounds for the local Borough.

A 4p per mile penalty needless to say would result in approximately 1 Million pounds per year revenue.

More importantly this would encourage the uptake of electric taxis.


Already own an Electric Taxi? 

Registration with the app will be available to any taxi driver, operator or taxi booking app provider that wishes to register an electric taxi on the database:

To submit an application to be registered as an Electric Taxi on the Taxicorp App please visit:



Risks and challenges

We have professional developers and designers working on this and feel that in order for the app to be successful the app has to be free and win the support of apple (IOS) & google play (android).

As a startup company it is paramount that we make sure we have enough capital to cover basic costs like app maintenance, server costs and marketing.

The costs can be very difficult to predict and depend largely on the success of the app and our generations “will” and “mindfulness” to address the pollution problem we have inherited.

The solutions are there, we just need the will to make it all happen!

With the help of this Crowdfunder campaign we could make this dream a reality.

Thank you!

Contact Information:


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