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Aug 18, 2015 9:29 AM ET

Heavenote: manages your digital content and messages after you pass away

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2015




Only a few years ago, the idea of making provision for a digital estate on death would have seemed absurd. Nowadays, most of the information (email, Dropbox, itunes, etc) and currency options (paypal, bitcoin, online banking, ebay, etc) that we use and manage on a daily basis are digital.

If you suddenly pass away, they will not be easy to access, but – you know what? – they can now be managed easily thanks to Heavenote.

The possibility of writing posthumous messages to one’s friends and families is also increasingly appealing, especially now with the majority of the population having access to internet, so we decided to create Heavenote, a system to manage your digital legacy and write messages to your loved ones (or colleagues etc).

Through Heavenote you also have the option to include attachments and recorded video messages. These messages remain unsent and confidential until after you’ve passed away.



Before the popularity of the internet, our parents and grandparents had limited options of storing cherished letters, precious photos, and other heirlooms. They may have stored their belongings in a wooden box, protected with a key, or entrusted their belongings to a close relative. Nowadays this type of storage is called Cloud, the key is the combination of a login and password and that the documents are digital.

They can be updated constantly, stored in safe places, and be managed with automatic procedures, and this is the solution that Heavenote offers.

Every human can now be sure that their last words will be communicated and that their emails or files will be passed to the people they trust.

Heavenote aims to have a great and positive impact over many people around the world and for that reason, along with the premium service, there is also a free option because we want to give everybody the chance to experience Heavenote.



2013 Heavenote was created. It took 1 year and many candidates for Vin to find the perfect CTO to realize their dream.

2013 L’Avanguardia. Leadng magazine from Barcelona published a long article dedicated to Heavenote.

2014 La repubblica. Leading online magazine from Italy wrote about Heavenote, introducing us to the Italian audience.

2014 Television Española dedicated a segment to Heavenote. The segment peaked an interest in the Americas and was translated to Portuguese on Terra Brasil. Both the Efe agency and el Pais discussed about it on their respective networks and media throughout the Americas picked up on the story.

Heavenote has gone global and Portuguese became the fourth most used language of the site, after English, Spanish and Italian.

2014 Awarded at Google Campus London during the event “Co-Founder Dating & Speed Pitching”. Heavenote is now also firmly on the London startup map.




40% for structure (Office + expenses, salaries)
60% for acquisition on channels (Content creation for PR, Search + Display on Adwords / Facebook / Baidu, Actions in social network).

Contact Information:

Vincenzo Rusciano
Livio Pedretti

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