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Aug 14, 2015 10:50 AM ET

Pixel Blimp: Creating games the way children see them – Across any platform, using any game, sharing any thing

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2015

Pixel Blimp



We’re developing a connected game franchise from the ground up, with the capacity to expand into toys, books, and eventually TV. The first instalment will be released on console and PC. We are also developing two mobile titles, each of which will contain their own unique adventure within the franchise’s universe.
What will make this franchise different is that everything in it will be able to talk to one another thanks to our cloud technology, Raindrop, which we are developing internally.

The data sharing and accessibility that Raindrop provides will allow us to expose all of the franchise’s different consumables and items across all of the games, so that no matter what game is currently being played, the user will have access to their entire inventory.

However, sharing inventory data is only a part of Raindrop’s potential, the cloud system also allows us to connect stories between games using a node based event system that will let us connect a user’s actions in one game to an event in another.



With Raindrop connecting our franchise together, we are crafting intricate stories that take place in a fantastical universe that always stays with the user. Whether they’re in front of their PC or TV, on the go with their phone, or lying in bed with their tablet, they will be able to access our franchise and engage with the characters, story, and world in a meaningful way – with each interaction shaping the adventure they’re taking part in.

Currently, we’re focused on developing three titles, creating a reactive story world unlike anything that has been seen before. Characters, quests, locations, and items will unlock and change for every user as the games are played at different frequencies. Users will no longer have to retrace through tutorials and backstories that they already knew, recollect items that they already had, or find characters that they already met.

After launch, we will continue creating expansions for the console and PC title, as well as new mobile apps that will reveal new landscapes, characters, and ways to play. Investing in Pixel Blimp isn’t about investing in a single product, it’s about investing in a company that has the passion and dedication to become a market leader through connected play.

Connected play doesn’t just make the user’s playing experience infinitely richer, it provides digital equity and cross product purchasing desire to our future license and manufacturing partners. Many other game franchises have already had reasonable success providing soft in-game currency with their physical products, but we are taking it a step further. Each physical product has a meaningful purpose within the game world, incentivising users towards collecting them.



Thanks to our new approach to connected play, combined with our fantastic team, we attained a spot on the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (MSV) in 2014. During our time at MSV we were introduced to, and had the opportunity to consult with, some of Microsoft’s leading experts in innovation and business development. We were also brought into multiple Microsoft programs such as [email protected] and were given access to Xbox One development kits and a full support team. We also received a substantial amount of Azure credits, which we’re using to host our development environment, as well as test and develop Raindrop.

MSV is also where we met industry veteran Salvatore Fileccia, who has recently joined the team as a non-executive adviser.

Prior to MSV, we gained a lot attention through some of our award winning mobile games, including winning a prestigious TIGA industry award.


All of the investment raised will be used to build our products. This includes: salary, business premises, additional software licenses, and additional hardware.


Contact Information:

Jordan Morris
Isaac Howie-Brewerton
Aidan Wilson
Tom Woolf
Matthew Cooper
Salvatore Fileccia

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