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Aug 14, 2015 10:05 AM ET

Archived: GreenLid is a healthy fast food restaurant that provides fresh green smoothies, salads and wraps to working professionals, on the go.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2015
Personal Story

I grew up in Harrisonburg, VA, surrounded by farms. In my mom’s house, my family was accustomed to free range chicken and beef, farm fresh milk in a glass jar and fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. I didn’t grasp the rarity of fresh food until I graduated from college and was living on my own in Washington, DC. During that time I struggled to find a work/life balance that gave me enough time to find farm fresh food and prepare it. Working long hours each day left me wanting to eat something quick on my way home from work. To make things easy on myself I ate fast food… a lot.

The problem with eating fast food multiple days per week is that I started to feel less energetic and physically sick. I spoke to a holistic doctor at the National Institute of Health and she advised me to cut junk food out of my diet and replace it with fresh vegetables and fruit.

That conversation prompted me to do a lot of research around eating a holistic diet. For months, I ate a raw diet of only fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Ultimately, I discovered Green Smoothies. I fell in love with green smoothies because they are filling, delicious and easy to make. This was the beginning of my GreenLid journey.

Today, GreenLid has a storefront location in the Civic Center neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s located inside of a wellness club called Studiomix. GreenLid also delivers smoothies to corporate companies around the Bay Area.

My dream for the near future is to open a GreenLid store in downtown Oakland so we can offer farm fresh food, quickly and easily to working professionals on both sides of the Bay.

Business Description

GreenLid is a healthy fast food restaurant that provides fresh green smoothies, salads and wraps to working professionals, on the go. We started in 2013 with the goal to make eating healthy simple and enticing through unique combinations of leafy greens with other fruit and vegetables. Blending whole fruits with leafy greens packs vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes into one convenient package. It’s our way of making healthy food fast.

I started GreenLid because of my own personal struggle to fit nutrition into my work/life balance. Since 2013, I’ve met a lot of other people who share that struggle and I believe there are many more who can benefit from healthy food fast.

The GreenLid brand strives to build trust through transparency. Every ingredient is displayed in its natural, recognizable form before blended to perfection. We never use mystery powders, preservatives or added sugar- just fresh produce.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We are located in a high foot traffic area but our store is tricky to find. This loan is going to help us advertise our location to new customers in the immediate area. It will also allow us to replace outdated equipment which will improve our blending capacity!

The money will be used in the following ways:
$2000 for New Signage (i.e. posters outside and in the building lobby)
$2000 for a Street Team to pass out flyers and samples (two new jobs)
$1000 for two new Vitamix Blenders ($500 each).
$3500 for reusable glass jars. GreenLid currently delivers smoothies to our corporate clients in plastic jars. Switching to glass will save the company money long term and reduce our environmental foot print.
$1400 for staff educational workshops
$300 for store supplies.

We expect our marketing efforts and new equipment to increase revenue by 15%. The increase in revenue will allow my company to be more financially stable. My partner and I will be able to save more money and prepare to have a family.

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