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Aug 13, 2015 10:28 AM ET

Archived: To Soil Less: an alternative agriculture company that specializes in a new form of gardening called gravel gardening or geological agriculture

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

To Soil Less

To Soil Less Logo


To Soil Less is an alternative agriculture company that specializes in a new form of gardening called gravel gardening or geological agriculture, the study of using rocks to grow and cultivate crops absent of soil and fertilizers. This new science, invented by To Soil Less founder Richard Campbell, operates under the fundamental equation of water + river rock = plant food, referred to as the Campbell Equation. With gravel gardening, the rules of gardening differ drastically compared to all known types of gardening and agricultural processes. The benefits of gravel gardening are: 1) No soil use; 2) No fertilizer use; 3) Low water needs; 4) Low cost to consumers; 5) Minimal weeding; 6) Fresh tasting food quality; 7)Durable and long lasting; 8) Sustainable both indoors and outdoors; 9) Scalable and 10) Helps address food security issues globally. The are an estimated 9 sub industries of gravel gardening from decades of academic research with universities to use in the design of green roofs and balconies to retailing gravel grow cups for the home window sills or in the classroom as an experiment for students K-12. Gravel also can help feed the homeless and poor, providing a permanent source of several types of produce using very little water. Overseas, gravel gardening can enable those in places with poor soil quality to enjoy the benefits of sustainable gardening, providing their families with year round access to produce at home. To Soil Less partners include George Washington University who helps study the geological side of the science, while Tennessee State University’s Department of Agriculture studies the agricultural effect of gravel gardening. The Washington, DC area Ace Hardware is the primary retail partner as Ace retails the best gravel tested to date by To Soil Less. There are several media interviews in the market, from in-studio TV news interviews to blogger reviews to press releases that have been picked up in over 200 news outlets. Learn more.

Products / Services

Gravel Grow Cups / Books / Supplies / Landscaping services

Given that gravel gardening is a new science, the past few years have been spent in research and development, refining the process for consumers and commercial users. The retail products for gravel gardening include: 1) The book on gravel gardening Grown in Gravel – The Study of Geological Agriculture, 2) Gravel Grow Cups which are small indoor cups for the window sill, 3) Gravel products such as bags of the best tested gravel in various forms, 4) Management consulting services to universities, developers, municipalities, companies and governments seeking to adapt and integrate this form of landscaping and agriculture into their operations. There are a variety of downstream products such as 1) Experimental kits for kids, 2) Home use kits for urban dwellers living in small places; 3) Specialized gravel fertility meters to test gravel types; 4) Gravel water as a fertilizer; 5) Survival kits, and 6) a “Crop Gravel” seal of approval placed on bags of tested gravel sold at retail.

Contact Information:

Richard Campbell

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