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Aug 13, 2015 7:39 AM ET

Archived: Phone O’Clock – The Really Smart Watch: Who said phones are just for pockets?

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

Phone O’Clock – The Really Smart Watch

Say ”Hi!” to Phone O’ Clock

Have you ever wanted to buy a Smart watch but it was to expensive and you didn’t really need it because you already had a Smart phone? That’s why we made Phone O’ Clock!
Our team originates from Kranj, Slovenia. We are big technology lovers and we saw that smartwatches aren’t any good even at basic tasks.

That is why we started designing Phone O’ Clock. We had a lot of models made before we 3D printed the first working prototype. It was tested  many times so we could make the perfect product, that takes your Smart phone out of the pocket and puts it on your wrist to make the ultimate Smartwatch. 

Phone O’ Clock is composed of two parts; the Magnet Sticker and the Wrist Piece that were carefully designed for your wrist.

Phone O’ Clock is easy to install by sticking the Magnet sticker just below the center of your phone or case with the help of our install guide.

We made Phone O’ Clock elegant and practical at any moment:

-When you’re doing sports like cycling, running, climbing, jumping and even when you are diving (if you combine Phone O’Clock with a waterproof case) thanks to the strong magnet that prevents the phone from falling. 

-When you’re taking photos or filming your dearest moments, because you can rotate your phone for 90°(it features 360° rotating) to the shooting mode in which you maximize the phones stability during shooting. 

-When you’re traveling, because you won’t forget your phone because it’s securely attached to your wrist. 

-When you’re cooking, because you can read recipes and still have both of your hands free for cooking! 


What do you get in the box?

To make Phone O’ Clock happen, we need your help!

We know we made Phone O’ Clock as practical and useful as possible so we could make your lives just a tiny bit better! But we need your help to make Phone O’ Clock come alive.

Your money will be carefuly spent on:

-Making Phone O’ Clock out of the best possible materials.

-Future development of Phone O’ Clock addons (bluetooth speakers that attach to the sticker, batteries that attach to the sticker, bike mounts, car mounts, phone stands, ……).

-The basic company capital.

-An interchangeable watch style app with a watch style store and a simple developer kit.

-The best possible experience with Phone O’ Clock!

If you still want to help the campaign, but don’t have the money, feel free to share our campaign over all your social media sites and tell as many people as you can about us! 

(c) 2015 Črt Štrubelj
Contact Information:

Črt Štrubelj
Kristjan Fortuna
Žan Žnidar

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