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Aug 13, 2015 4:16 PM ET

Angels Mobile App : Mobile-social app that encourages users to pay it forward

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

We are an Israel-based social technology startup dedicated to reimagining the relationship between digital social media and the lives we live every day. We believe that most people are willing to help others, for free. Thus, our groundbreaking mobile app, Angels Nearby, is designed to foster authentic, in-person interactions by connecting users in the real world who give and receive useful acts of kindness.


Mobile apps — and social media platforms in particular — have come to define social interaction in the 21st century.

Additionally, the interactions that these platforms facilitate are often superficial and perfunctory. Social media users around the world are looking for ways to transcend the boundaries of their digital worlds and connect with their community and the people around them in more authentic, more personal ways. Providing the opportunities for that authentic personal connection to take place is the precise goal of Angels Nearby.

Even with a proliferation of social media apps at their fingertips, many people still report feeling isolated, cut off from their communities, unsure of where to turn for something as simple as a cup of sugar or someone to bring their mail in when they’re out of town. In our increasingly fragmented, isolated world, you can live in the same neighborhood for years and never know your neighbors. You can work for the same corporation day after day, and yet never get to know the people who share the building with you every single day.


The eyes of the technology world are on the social media space. As the influence of tired giants like Facebook and Twitter continues to wane, the question becomes: Who’s next? Who will be the company that pioneers the next stage in social media evolution – and what will that next stage look like?

At Angels Nearby, we think it starts with a simple question:

Geolocation Capabilities
let users find angels close to them.

Help Categories
let angels choose the types of help they’re able to give.

Trust Levels
keep users in control of who sees their request.

Angel Points
reward angels for the good deeds they do.

Within your community, whether that’s a neighborhood, a college campus, a church, or an apartment building, Angels Nearby allows you to give and receive actual, physical help in real time.

Looking for a ride to the airport? Laid up in bed with a broken leg and need someone to run to the grocery store for you? Need to get rid of old books or furniture? These are the kinds of useful acts that Angels Nearby makes possible.

Angels Nearby is an app that perfectly answers consumers’ demand for more authentic, personal interaction while maintaining all of the powerful networking tools that have turned social networking into the multi-billion-dollar industry that it is today. Combining the best in 21st-century mobile technology with an innovative in-person emphasis and a powerful social message, Angels Nearby is positioned to usher in a new era of personalization, and claim a place as one of the foremost innovators in social media in the process.


Angels Nearby is designed to effectively and instantly connect individuals who want to give help with people nearby who want to receive help. Ideally, everyone within the Angels network will be both a Requestor and an Angel, able to ask for help when needed and offer help when able.

Here is a quick overview of how the Angels Nearby experience works from both sides of the equation:

How to Ask For Help

Choose a category that matches the type of help you need: home, kids, travel, pets, etc.;

Type your request message;

Select the trust level you desire: Friends & Family, Trusted Network, My Organization, or Public;

Post your request on Angels Nearby;

Review messages from available Angels, choose your Angel and arrange a time to meet;

Get the help you need, and grant points and make friends. Points will elevate Angels’ trust level. Security is in the heart of the app.

How to Give Help

Select the categories of help you want to offer: home, kids, travel, pets, etc.

Set a geographic range for the requests you will receive;

Receive a notification when a request that meets your criteria is posted;

Respond to the requestor letting them know you are able to help and arrange a time to meet;

Gain points for the help you offer, reach new trust levels, and make new friends in the process.


What About Security?

The Angels Nearby team has 20 years in enterprise security, so the subject is always top of our concerns. For security reasons, people will not be able to meet each other until many criterias are met:

Requesters can first send their request to their friends and family, but not publically.

The receiver of the request can check out the requester’s profile, relationship, and scores.

Only then a private chat is initiated by an Angel.

During the chat, both sides gain confidence.

In case of abuse or annoying people, they can either block a user or report him/her.

Abusing users with spam or other unwanted services will lead to being blocked by the system.


Angels Nearby has made some incredible strides since our founding in May 2014. The Angels Nearby app is fully developed and available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores, with more than 3,000 users already part of the Angels community.

We have Angels in countries all over the world, including the U.S., France, and India. We have received important feedback on the Angels Nearby app from our test users, which we are already using to make strategic alterations that will strengthen the app’s functionality and appeal.

Recent feedback we received came from a regional CEO of a world leader online retail company.

We are in advanced partnership discussions with many companies like this CEOs, as well as other community organizations like churches, college campuses, etc.

To appeal to our international audience, the Angels Nearby app is available in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Japanese, with additional languages to be added as our network expands.

Up next: we are ready to start the process of scaling our audience and reaching the critical mass of users that captures advertiser interest. We will begin by leveraging our team’s extensive personal and professional networks and introducing the Angels Nearby app to organizations with large existing communities — such as universities, nonprofits and religious organizations — before expanding our sites to encompass the general mobile user market.

Expansion will move in 3 phases:

Initial introduction to strategically chosen organizations including nonprofits, universities and religious organizations. Duration: 6 months. Total Users: 10,000 – 30,000.

Expansion into new communities and possible exploration of highly favorable Japanese and Indian markets. Duration: 18 months. Total Users: 100,000+.

Continued development of presence in existing markets and introduction to new markets on global scale. Duration: 24-30 months. Total Users: 1,000,000+.


Charly Setbon, Founder & CEO
Charly is responsible for planning and focusing the Angels Nearby concept, as well as managing product development and overseeing investor relations. Charly has a 25-year track record of proven success in software development, customer relations, and high-tech business concepts. Before launching Angels Nearby, Charly grew and sold a software company to a major software vendor. Charly’s background also includes positions as Founder & CEO of Topspin Technologies, Partner and CTO of IDFocus LLC (acquired by CA Technologies), and Senior Director at CA Technologies.

Yoash Dvir, Director of Business Development
Yoash is responsible for implementation of the business plan.

Yolanda Hirsch, Marketing Director
Yolanda is responsible for the development and implementation of the Israel marketing plan.

Amihai Shaim, Director of Product Development & Research
Amihai is responsible for technical development of the app and oversight of development team.

Contact Information:

Charly Setbon
Yoash Dvir
Yolanda Hirsch
Amihai Shaim

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