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Aug 12, 2015 6:11 PM ET

Archived: Heinz Winckler New Independent Album

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015

Heinz Winckler’s New Independent Album
Be apart of and pre-order Heinz Winckler’s exciting new (mainly) Afrikaans album that he is creating as an independent artist working with top song writers and producers!

The music industry is constantly changing but one thing remains – there will always be music because people will always listen to it. Heinz is not signed to a major label anymore and is stepping out into the new music industry landscape to try something new and exciting – being his own label creating his own album! And he wants you to be part of it!

What’s in it for you? Well, obviously a signed copy of the new album once it’s completed. Depending on your contribution you can also get a limited edition signed poster of the new album, and a VIP ticket and special Meet and Greet privileges at the launch of the album (Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein), or any other official HW show. For a bigger contribution we’ll add a limited edition HWM (Heinz Winckler Music) cap and t-shirt. If you want to go really big, you can book Heinz Winckler to perform at your wedding or a special function (terms and conditions apply).

To produce an album is much more expensive than you might realise. And once you’ve produced it,
it doesn’t help if no one knows about it. So you also need marketing budget.
Heinz is geared to create the best music of his career,
and you can partner with him in doing so.

What you’re helping with:

ALBUM PRODUCTION (between R12 000 – R18 000 per track):

  1. Producer’s fee (arrange, record, edit, mix, studio time)
  2. Session musicians’ fees
  3. Mastering of album

MARKETING: (the more the better)

  1. Album photoshoot
  2. Album cover design
  3. Music video for first single (storyboard, shoot days, labour, location cost, editing)
  4. TV ads
  5. Radio ads
  6. Social media campaign
  7. Publicity


Milestone 1 – R150 000
The Tipping Point
This is a basic cost needed to have the songs produced by a top producer.

Milestone 2 – R250 000
For R100 000 more, we can ensure a top notch finished album with more time spent on a great mix and also make a high quality music video for the first single.

Milestone 3 – R500 000
Having a great product doesn’t mean much if you can’t share it with as much people as possible. So extra money is needed to market the album well so that more people can share in what you helped create. Ideally we need more than double the cost of the making of the album. But anything extra will help to further the marketing campaign of the album.

Support Heinz!
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/heinzwinckleralbum


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