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Aug 11, 2015 9:21 AM ET

Archived: PinUp Preserves creates small-batch specialty preserves in unique flavors combinations using high-quality ingredients. The results are Sassy, Sweet, and Unique!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015
Personal Story

HI! My name is Rayna, and I am so excited to share PinUp Preserves with all of you. PinUp Preserves creates small-batch specialty preserves in unique flavor combinations using high-quality ingredients. The results are Sassy, Sweet, and Unique – just like me! I grew up on Long Island in a family that values hard work, honesty, creativity, and actively showing compassion to others. There is a great big world around us and what we each do has an impact upon it, so I strive to make that impact a positive one!

In addition to being a lifelong volunteer for various causes, I have run my own business for 15 years as a freelancer in Technical Theater. What is Technical Theater, you ask? We create the backstage miracles that make the onstage magic come to life! I have worked with dance, opera, theater, musicals, print, tours, special events, private clients, conventions – the list goes on and on! This career has brought me incredible experiences and I’ve been honored to work with amazing people on truly inspiring productions, but so much of my work has been about realizing someone else’s ideas. It’s time to make my OWN dreams a reality!

Business Description

I began making preserves a few years ago as a creative outlet to manage the stress of such a demanding career – it really became a form of therapy! Of course, a person can only eat so much marmalade, so I gave most of the jars away as gifts. Seeing how much joy these preserves brought to the folks eating them started me thinking about this as more than a hobby. I use fresh, high-quality ingredients and the most popular current flavors are Pineapple-Sage Preserves, Jasmine Tea Jelly, Irish Whiskey Orange Marmalade, and Spiced Cranberry-Pear Butter. These preserves are designed to be eaten on more than just toast – put some in your Greek yogurt, swirl them in a cheesecake, use them as a glaze on your weekend grilling, or come up with your own fun and creative culinary options! Of course, you can always just grab a spoon and eat them right out of the jar.

What is the purpose of this loan?

A Kiva Zip loan will have a powerful impact on my life because it will allow PinUp Preserves to move from a great idea into production for sale. It will enable me to create inventory, design my logo and labels, upgrade my technology to support merchant services and a growing business, and take care of other start-up expenses (specifically first-month’s production facility rent and insurance) that are current barriers to production. I want to expand this line to offer seasonal products, single fruit preserves, and lower-sugar options that are still flavorful. I also want PinUp Preserves to partner with reputable organizations to create a positive social impact. Of course, all of this starts with funding, which is made possible by the amazing YOU!

This loan will be used for the following:

$2000 Production facility rent and insurance
$1700 Preserves inventory (jars, lids, ingredients)
$1600 Logo design and label production (including purchase of barcodes)
$1000 Preserving equipment
$1000 Technology upgrade and merchant services
$ 500 Marketing, promotion, and farmer’s markets fees
$ 200 Distribution expenses (shipping, creating tasting samples)

Contact Information:


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