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Aug 11, 2015 5:29 PM ET

Archived: Greasers DIY Motorcycle Workshop: a space to allow you to work on bikes with others, and educates you on the correct way to do motorcycle maintenance

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015

Greasers DIY Motorcycle Workshop

The story of the project

Imagine a community within Adelaide that not only allows you eat, drink and talk all things motorbikes but has a space to allow you to work on bikes with others, and educates you on the correct way to do motorcycle maintenance.
Gerrard Otimi and Josephine Callander, co founders of Greasers Motorcycle Workshop, in Mitcham, want create an inner city Do-It-Yourself Motorcycle Garage that will achieve just that.

Replicating a business model that has been hugely successful overseas and interstate, the new enterprise will create a space for bike owners, motorcycle enthusiasts, amateur mechanics and appreciators to work on their pride and joy without the hassle and expense of maintaining and buying their own equipment.

From Humble Beginnings…

Greasers Motorcycle Workshop began in 2014 and was born from a desire for Gerrard and Josephine to ‘live what they love’. As they began to grow and develop the existing business they discovered their customers wanted more than just and mechanic and workshop – there was a growing desire for people to learn in a casual environment with likeminded people.
How will the DIY Garage operate?

In order for Greasers to become a thriving community, it will run on an annual membership fee. This fee will ensure that we can continue to develop events and classes based on our members’ needs rather than what we think you need. Because of our membership model, we have been able to begin to partner with other businesses in providing exclusive discounts to those belonging to the Greasers community. These discounts include parts, insurance and access to benefits with other small businesses.

The intention of Greasers is to collaborate with all the different ride groups, styles and businesses across Adelaide to build a united community.

How the funds will be used

The initial space will contain the exclusive DIY garage, events and classes for Greasers members plus a public café, retail space and the existing workshop. The team behind Greasers has put a lot of time and money in developing the new business but need your help to finish it.

The money raised during the campaign will be used to fund the set up of the DIY garage ONLY. With the money we will be able to purchase enough tools to create 4 individual working bays that include a hoist, bench and Kincrome toolboxes.

We will also be purchasing shared tools for bigger projects (which will include some of the classes we will run):
• Pneumatic Tools;
• Motorcycle specific ‘Special’ tools
• Tire Changer and Balancer;
• Fabrication Area including but not limited to a Lathe, MIG welder, Oxy Cutting Tools, Sand Blaster and Drill Press;
• Electrical Equipment

Any further funds raised during our campaign will be put toward further special tools that could be used for larger bike projects.

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