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Aug 10, 2015 9:49 AM ET

Archived: Sustainable Bridges Makerspace: will offer low carbon innovators affordable access to prototyping tools

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015

Sustainable Bridges Makerspace


Central to many start-up and innovators’ endeavours is the need to build, test and refine prototypes. By providing these groups, and makers more broadly with a range of tools on an affordable and flexible basis, in addition to the workspace Sustainable Bridges can offer, will enable and better support more individuals to develop their pioneering ideas into viable businesses. Sustainable Bridges will supplement access to the shared resources of the makerspace with a tailored series of Entrepreneurial Learning sessions, delivered by industry experts to ensure innovators are equipped with the commercial acumen necessary to transform their ideas into sustainable businesses.
The makerspace and ancillary services will be open to members of Sustainable Bridges as part of their membership, but also to members of the public on a subscription basis to enable more people to enjoy the project’s benefits and thereby achieve even greater resource efficiencies for the investment made.

What we’ll do:

  • Purchase a range of tools that enables various prototyping endeavours across woodwork, digital and electronic purposes.
  • Creation of workshop facilities to facilitate entrepreneurial learning classes
  • Deliver a series of entrepreneurial learning sessions to transfer valuable business skills to innovators
  • Employ a part-time workshop technician to oversee makerspace usage
  • Work with other ecosystem stakeholders to promote the facilities

Why it’s a great idea:

Central to London’s ambitions to retain its status as a hub for entrepreneurial endeavours lies its ability to provide disruptive innovators with the tools, knowledge and connections to transform their initial ideas into commercially profitable businesses. With a booming real estate market, access to flexible workspace is becoming increasingly limited in central London. By creating a Makerspace complete with affordable access to facilities, Sustainable Bridges enables innovators to enjoy the advantages of a central London location, with close proximity to other ecosystem stakeholders and potential investors. By renovating and unlocking existing space, the project contributes to the regeneration of the London Bridge area, but will do so in an inclusive manner enabling a more diverse business community. The development of a more vibrant thoroughfare between Tooley Street and Bermondsey Street is also supported by bringing new activities to the area.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Entrepreneurial learning centre design finalised.
  • Makerspace facility needs finalised
  • Entrepreneurial class programme compiled
  • Physical improvements to entrepreneurial learning centre finished
  • Makerspace facility formally launched
  • Initial workshop delivered
  • Series of workshops completely delivered
  • Mid-Point review
  • Project Completion

Sustainable Bridges, a community interest company, will use the creation of a makerspace to further support its social objectives to accelerate the growth of SMEs with a low carbon and sustainability focus by providing those with hardware and prototyping requirements with the space and facilities to realise their ideas.
Since opening its doors to low carbon SMEs and innovators in January 2015 Sustainable Bridges has built up a membership of 40+ individuals, which is hopes to continue increasing to create a hub for low carbon innovation. By both nurturing and championing the efforts of innovate SMEs, Sustainable Bridges will enable an accelerated transition to a low carbon economy.
Therefore the addition of a makerspace will further extol the advantages of shared resources and networks in a cost-effective manner with makerspace users able to benefit from engagement with the Bridges’ wider community.

Contact Information:

Sustainable Bridges CIC

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