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Aug 10, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: If Facebook and Amazon Merged

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015


Social Shopping what would happen if Facebook and Amazon merged?

It is easy take a pic, upload to social media, and wait for retailers to tag goods to your pic!


Worldwide. – How often have you thought ooo those boots are so awesome where did they get it? Wouldn’t it be great to just post a pic of the boots on social media click through and buy the product , its as if social media went on shopping steroids.  Amazon, one of the largest retailers is playing with image recognition software to allow their users to do just. Facebook and Pinterest are also in various stages trying to monetize their images. Whatever may happen this will be a new trend in shopping as social media and large e-commerce brands begin to merge in the future. At Fabusco.com we want to start this process for women’s wear. The concept is easy take a pic, upload, and wait for retailers to tag their goods to your pic. At Fabusco, we try to capture global styles worldwide so that women can share their looks with their friends and inspire the people around them. The site is for anyone that loves fashion and wants to be inspired and shop at the same time. We like to call it shopping for the fashion e-shopaholics.

For example, did you know that white sneakers are THE shoes of the season? Its been seen everywhere. Do you have yours? Where can I buy them? How are people pairing this look? Fabusco first sets the trend, white shoes are worn! Then we highlight now it is worn throughout the world through the images that users upload or are captured by our photographers. From there we ask retailers to tag their similar products to make the look. This allows other shoppers not only the ability to purchase the white sneakers, but also any accompanying item to make the look on trend.

The idea came about because the world is a small place. Within 24 hours you can fly across the world and with the internet information travels even faster. This means that when you want something or are looking to sell something there will always be a buyer or seller of what you want. The goal of Fabusco is to bring makers of clothes together with people that love to shop. But unlike a normal ecommerce site it is to create a community where we can discover worldwide fashionable looks and purchase certain items to make the same look.

Fabusco is an eight month old company that is crowdfunding  an app so we can bring social shopping to everyone! Come check our campaign. Also if you would like to see the trends that we have spotted for August click here

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Clare Wimmer




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