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Aug 10, 2015 6:22 AM ET

Archived: Football Fans Lift Sharing Website: Football fans would use this service to fill spaces in their cars or to find a lift to a game

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015

Football Fans Lift Sharing Website

Football Fans Lift Sharing Website


About the project

The website www.matchday-travel.com has partially been created and will let football fans post and find journeys to a match. Much like the popular liftshare network, it would be completely free to use. The main benefit of using this site over the liftshare network or similar is that all passengers would have a common interest, which would make those long journeys much less awkward, as there is always the football to talk about!


The site is completely not for profit and is for the benefit of football fans around the country.


How the funding would be used

– Approximatley £11,000 on development costs to get the project completed to an extremely high standard

– Approximatley £3,000 on marketing costs, to let people know about the site

– Approximatley £1,000 to cover server costs for the next few years


Use Case

I support AFC Bournemouth, however I now live in Reading. Getting to away games can be expensive by train and being in Reading, there are not many Bournemouth fans to share the petrol with. I would use the site to find journeys en-route. For example on August 17th, Bournemouth are playing Liverpool in Liverpool. There are trains running on the way home and driving to Liverpool would be very expensive for just one fan, not to mention the impact on the environment. I have managed to arrange a lift through social media, but it would be FANtastic (excuse the pun) if there was a central resource that fans could utilise to either fill spaces in their cars or to gets lifts to the game.


Contact Information:


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