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Aug 10, 2015 10:02 AM ET

Archived: DrinkMate – The Miniature iPhone Breathalyzer: We’ve created DrinkMate, the smallest, most convenient breathalyzer in the world and it plugs right into your iPhone!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015


Our Story

After 2 years of development, we’re finally ready to release the iOS version of DrinkMate, the smallest breathalyzer in the world. DrinkMate is the next iteration of breathalyzer technology and we’ve made it affordable!

We believe in simplicity and convenience. You plug DrinkMate into your iPhone, the app launches (or prompts you to download), and you blow into the end.

Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is then displayed right on screen. Quick, easy, and shareable.

The Vision

Technology is not the reason people make poor decisions after drinking- it’s psychology. If someone wants to make a mistake after drinking, like driving, they’re going to find a way to do it if they’re alone. If their friends are with them, however, either physically or digitally, peer pressure can be used in positive way to make safer choices.  

DrinkMate and its app fundamentally change the image and goal of breathalyzers. Its design inherently draws in friends and people around you to see what you’re doing in a friendly manner. If your friend keeps blowing a high BAC number, can you really just sit there and let them make a mistake? You can’t – you’re forced to help them make the right choice. The more people who know how much they’ve had to drink, the safer a group is as a whole.

How is DrinkMate different?

DrinkMate’s physical design, internal circuitry, and hardware/software interface are patent pending and completely new. We’re proud of this and here’s why:

  • NO battery! DrinkMate is powered entirely by your iPhone.
  • NO mouthpieces! Our air inlet at the end of DrinkMate is designed to slow and direct air perfectly to our sensor so that readings are accurate without direct contact (germs… eww!).
  • NO re-calibration! We compute BAC in a fundamentally different way than pre-existing breathalyzers so that DrinkMate is minimally affected by sensor changes over time. Our proprietary algorithm has been developed over months of testing, thousands of DrinkMates (Android units from last year), and accounts for sensor age effects in its operation.
  • 100% of DrinkMates (yes- every single one!) are individually programmed, tested, and calibrated using a custom-built machine that we shipped and installed in our factory. We’re in the process of building a second one to handle the additional load of full-scale iOS DrinkMate production.
DrinkMate - From Design to Manufacturing
DrinkMate – From Design to Manufacturing


  • Our sensor manufacturer has created a brand new high-quality sensor for us and utilizes specialized quality control measures of our design. This new sensor is more accurate, robust, and has a quicker recovery time in between readings.
  • Accuracy is approximately +/- 0.01% BAC at a BAC of 0.02%.
  • We set the maximum BAC in the app to 0.20% BAC. Any higher and you probably would not be able to stand!
  • DrinkMate is held securely in place by the iPhone Lightning connector.

Why We Need Your Support!

The iOS version of DrinkMate costs almost twice as much to produce as Android, mostly due to Apple strict fixed-price components. We’ve worked hard to redesign DrinkMate’s internal circuitry to offset these costs, but we still need to make a very large first order from our manufacturer in order to keep DrinkMate affordable for all of you, our backers!

We’re also looking to put significant work into additional app features to better connect our quickly-expanding user base. We can’t wait for our iOS backers to join the global community using Android DrinkMates!

Global Android DrinkMate Users
Global Android DrinkMate Users

Design Status

  • Hardware: COMPLETED! This was no easy task, but our hardware is finalized! Apple has very stringent and specific rules for all aspects of hardware that touch an iPhone. We are officially registered with Apple’s MFi program and our factory is MFi-certified. Extensive time and effort has gone into making the iOS DrinkMate and we are proud to say we comply 100% with Apple’s requirements.
  • Enclosure: COMPLETED! Tooling is not only designed, but finished and in production. We made some internal modifications to our existing Android DrinkMate enclosure so that the iOS DrinkMate will be accommodated as well. This is tremendous and eliminates much of the risk associated with manufacturing hardware products and the associated plastic injection molded enclosures.
  • iOS app: Design is completed and programming is in progress. We have completely re-designed the DrinkMate app and are looking forward to showing off the new User Experience, Interface, and exciting features!

The Core Team



  • iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ (DrinkMate uses the Lightning Connector)
  • iPads with a Lightning Connector
  • iOS 8.0 or later

Special Thanks

Carpool – our wonderful filming location!

Zach Griffin, Zack Gross, Scott Jeschke – video production  

Eric Stenmark – video production & editing

Drunk Mode App for iOS & Android – media outreach, partner

Fulfillrite – best shipping & handling service in the world

Rachel Couch – photography and product shots

Kristen O’Callaghan – packaging design

Sculpteo – the best 3D printing services available

Andrew Ziegler – Manufacturing & Marketing Consultant, Brand Builders Group

Mahmoud Lababidi – data scientist

Kyle Boult, Greg Lipschitz – international sales

Jose Lopez-Sanchez – legal consultant

Contact Information:

Edge Tech Labs

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